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  1. [Tut] Farcry 2 Diamonds Hacking
  2. [TUT] -=[Dragon Age: Origins + Awakening]=- Hex Edit
  3. {Tut} MASS EFFECT Hex Editing - talents points - Experience - credits
  4. Two Worlds Modding Tutorial
  5. [How-to] Get your Achievements back after Reset
  6. [Tutorial] How to Hex-Edit Sacred 2 savegame file
  7. [TUT] How to mod Arcania Gothic 4
  8. Dead Space Credit Hex Guide
  9. Just Cause 2 Hacking
  10. X-Men Orirgins Wolverine Cheats
  11. Xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death
  12. How To Mod Blur
  13. How To Mod Sonic Unleashed
  14. How To Mod Metro 2033
  15. Earth Defense Force - Hex Edit + Save
  16. How to perform a SPG
  17. How To Mod Midnight Club LA
  18. Red Faction : Guerrilla XP Mod
  19. Dark Sector Modz
  20. Legendary Modz
  21. How To Mod G.I Joe
  22. How to mod - James Cameron's AVATAR : The Game
  23. How to Mod The Dishwasher Dead Samurai (XBL Arcade)
  24. How to Mod Rainbow Six Vegas 2 : Rank, XP and ACES
  25. How to mod - Fairytale Fights
  26. Prince Of Persia : The Forgotten Sand Exp Mod
  27. Recover any xbox 360 account in 1 min tut
  28. Wolfenstein - Money hexing
  29. Splinter Cell Conviction Unlock,Buy,Everything
  30. Godfather 2 Money Mod
  31. Mass Effect Lv 60 Hack
  32. Dante's Inferno Iso Modding Tut
  33. Blacklight Tango Down XP,Awards and Stats Modding
  34. [TUT] How To Mod Transformers: War for Cybertron
  35. How To Mod Prototype
  36. MASS EFFECT Hex Editing - talents points - Experience - credits
  37. How to Extract Final Fantasy XIII videos from the game disc
  38. How To Get UPLAY Rewards
  39. [Iso-Mod] Army of Two 40th Day Iso Mods
  40. [Iso-Mod] Army of Two Iso Mods
  41. NBA 2k11 - My Player Skill Point Mod
  42. [Dead Space 2] How to combined bigfiles for Jtag
  43. [Tutorial Video/Save] - Dead Space 2 (Zealot) Final Chapter (Spoiler)
  44. Two Worlds 2 Multiplayer modding (How to extract files properly)
  45. Two Worlds 2 Modding (Stats/Equipment)
  46. Gears of War Modding [Online Achievements without achievement unlocker]
  47. [Jtag/Iso-Mod] Bulletstorm Jtag/Iso Mod
  48. Basic Torchlight Editing
  49. Torchlight Effect ID and Value Modding!
  50. HOWTO : Homefront Battle Code Bypass
  51. Sonic Adventure Chao editing
  52. How to edit Warriors: Legends of Troy 'Cleos' amount
  53. How To Hex Edit Need For Speed Shift 2 Money
  54. [How-to Mod] Avatar Adventurers Online
  55. Dragon Age 2 modding
  56. Sacred 2 item list and how to unzip and repack "need microsoft excell to open this"
  57. sacred 2 item modding how to give yourself items from the list
  58. Mortal Kombat - Stat Editing
  59. How to mod Portal 2 (noclip, god mode, portals anywhere)
  60. [Tut] How to bypass Black op PERMA BAN!!
  61. How to mod NFS Shift 2 Driver Level
  62. How to edit Crysis 2 [profile.xml]
  63. [TUT] How to mod the first templar
  64. [TUT] How to Easily Complete CHAOS Difficulty in Dynasty Warriors 7
  65. Curious if there is an interest for a tutorial on button based trainers
  66. [TUT] How to poll for button presses for a trainer
  67. kingdom under fire modding tut
  68. Tutorial-How to get Hunted the Demon's Forge in English JTAG
  69. [TUT] Dynasty Warriors 7 - Easy Quizmaster Achievement
  70. [TUT] How to mod red faction Armageddon
  71. [TUT] D & D: Daggerdale Item Modding
  72. [TUT] Dungeon Siege 3 Item Effect Modding
  73. [TUT] Dungeon Siege 3 Item Name Modding
  74. Earth Defence Force Insect Armageddon - Credits(working on more)
  75. yooooooooooooooo
  76. [TUT] Free Xbox360 Controller Prop For Avatar
  77. [TuT]Troll Xbox Live With Music And Improved Voice Quality!
  78. looking for hex tutorials
  79. Oblivion (make your own staff)shivering isles required
  80. [TUT] Deus Ex: Human Rev. HEX Inventory - Weapon Mods
  81. [TUT] EA MMA maxed out CAF
  82. Battle Field Veteran.
  83. Playing games off of hard drive without disk?
  84. Small Dead Island modding tut for Data0.Pak
  85. Dead island god mode and infinite ammo works online
  86. [X360] If you've been banned then Read this! Its worth it!
  87. to uses a game save
  88. DIY All In One SATA power adapter and POGO MO THOIN Cable, no need for CK3
  89. Infinite Undiscovery Hex Edit Tutorial [Updated: 10/04/2011]
  90. [TuT]RE:Code Veronica X HeX Edit GameSave
  91. Gears of War 3 | Tips & Tricks
  92. GoW3 Rank 100 *ONLINE* JTAG Only
  93. How to turn your laptop into a working Wireless Adapter
  94. [TuT] How to Change a Moderate/Strict Nat type to Open
  95. Gears of War 3 Collectibles Location Guide: Finding All COG Tags, Journals, And Items
  96. Getting all GoW 3 DLC to Work
  97. How To Edit Dark Souls (Souls/Humanity)
  98. Rage tutorial on how to hex edit( the basic)
  99. Dark Souls tutorial on editing inventory items
  100. Dead Island How To Swap One Weapon For Golden One
  101. Change Mod (or Blueprint) on ANY UnHeld Dead Island Weapon
  102. Dark Souls: How to Hex Edit your Items and Inventory (with pics!)
  103. [TUT]BF3 How to get Anywhere on Any Map
  104. How to mod Halo 1 on a retail xbox 360
  105. Battlefield 3: How to unlock Act of Valor Dog Tags in Multiplayer.
  106. [Tutorial] Dungeon Defenders Item Modding Tutorial
  107. Dungeon Defenders Hex Editing?????
  108. [TUTORIAL]Getting Started Dungeon Defenders Modding
  109. [TUTORIAL] Hex Editing Dungeon Defenders
  110. WARNING noob question about saves
  111. Battlefield 3: Glitch How To Get Inside Any Rock
  112. [Tut]How to make a custom platoon emblem
  113. Saints Row 3 Ammo (Tutorial)
  114. How to Hex edit Skyrim gold
  115. [TUT]Basic Usuage Of Offzip And Packzip
  116. [TuT] How to get into the Testing Hall
  117. How to mod Infinite Ammo and Weapons on Saints Row: The Third in hex editor
  118. [EASY/ HD] Skyrim Gold Hex Edit Video Tutorial
  119. [TUT] Assassins Creed: Revelations - Unlimited Money - Video Tutorial
  120. [TuT] Jappi88's Saints Row The Third SE V1.3.0.0
  121. MW3 - Custom Class / Clan Tag
  122. Dungeon Defenders - How to turn a Serpent into a Chicken or Giraffe on a Treadmill
  123. [TUTORIAL] x360 Dungeon defenders modding for ├╝bernoobs
  124. [Skyrim] Mod all perks v2.0 PC only
  125. ( Video TUT) Dungeon Defenders Modding weapons!!!!!!
  126. [Tutorial] Dungeon Defenders- Character Modding Tutorial *v2*
  127. [Tutorial] Resident Evil 5 Skin Modding
  128. Dungeon Defenders Tutorial
  129. [Tutorial] Skyrim Race Mix PC only
  130. [Request] Dungeon Defenders Familiar Hex Coding
  131. [Tutorial] Saints Row: The Third Car Modding
  132. [Request] Dungeon Defender Armor Hexing
  133. 152 KB DunDefSave Glitch
  134. Need Help With Item Size Modding[Dungeon Defenders]
  135. [Tutorial] Skyrim Modding Everything
  136. [TUTORIAL] Dungeon Defenders - Adding Special Symbols to your Name
  137. [TUTORIAL] CastleMiner Z ID Swapping
  138. [TUTORIAL] Total Miner: Forge ID Swapping
  139. [TuT] Modding RAGE with Echelo's mod tool
  140. <**COMPLETE TUTORIAL**>> Dungeon Defenders item and charecter modding **complete**
  141. [TUTORIAL] CastleMiner Z Block ID Swapping
  142. [*TUTORIAL*]Blonde tutorial for DD item modding (anyone can do it)
  143. NOTE: No Tags, Irrelevant Title Video to Hex Editor and Saving
  144. Offsets to help future modders
  145. Relatable's modded save-FREE-easy tutorial
  146. Final Fantasy XIII-2 Save Hacking - Items
  147. [TUTORIAL] Kingdoms of Amalur Item Effect Modding
  148. How to mod the darkness 2
  149. Kindoms of Amalur Minor XP modding
  150. Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Skill-Points, Abilities-Points, Health & Mana (Tutorial)
  151. Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning items/limits/char size/
  152. Rayman Origins Tut How To Mod Electoons & Skull Teeth
  153. Forza Motorsport 4 Mod Tool Tutorial
  154. how do i make a save mine
  155. [Mega Tutorial] Dundeon Defenders Color and Size Modding [MODDING TUT INCLUDED!]
  156. [Tutorial] Final Fantasy XIII-2 Save Hacking: Monster Abilities
  157. How to mod Halo Reach(Without Horizon)
  158. [TUTORIAL] Kindoms of Amalur Character Name Change
  159. [Tutorial] How To Use WSC09 Editor
  160. Dungeon Defenders: Modification Instructions: SIMPLE?
  161. (Assistance) kingdom of amalur inventory
  162. [TUTORIAL] Mass Effect 3 Modding
  163. [Tutorial] Extract/Injecting Contents From A Game Save
  164. [MP TUTORIAL] Mass Effect 3 FREE Shop Item Packs - NOT WORKING
  165. Forza 4 credits - safe from ban! Tried and confirmed
  166. [Tutorial] Mass Effect 3 Illusive Man Eyes
  167. [Tutorial] How To Mod Silent Hill Downpour Iso/Jtag Mods
  168. [Request] How to use hex editors properly and various ways of finding values
  169. (Tutorial) How to mod Dungeon Defenders for the Xbox
  170. [TUTORIAL] Skyrim Dragon Stormcall Shout using the console
  172. How To Install/Add Fusion AIO Update To PC
  173. [TUTORIAL] Warriors Orochi 3 Eng Weapon Mod or Change
  174. how to unbanned your self in forza motorsport 4
  175. Shoot Many Robots - Add Weapons/Item and Edit Loadout (tutorial/video)
  176. Bit Flags
  177. [TUTORIAL 2] How To ISO Mod Battleship weapons modding
  178. [Tutorial] Prototype 2 EP Hex Editing.
  179. [TUTORIAL] Battleship ISO modding - Wildcards/Support Strikes
  180. xgd3 burning settings for hitachi 79/78
  181. Medal of Honor Location mod + checksum fix
  182. How to mod Trials Evolution
  183. [REQ] Dungeon defender upgrade help
  184. [TUTORIAL] Fable Heroes XBLA Modding
  185. [TUTORIAL] Dungeon Defenders {Requirement}
  186. [TUT] MINECRAFT Duplication Glitch
  187. Dragons Dogma Help with editing! Please contribute !
  188. [Tutorial] Dragon's Dogma Modding - Full Save Editing
  189. Dead Rising 2 (Mod help)
  190. [Dragons Dogma] Item Code Request: Ascalon
  191. [TUTORIAL] How-to Video for Burning XGD3 Games
  192. [Tutorial] Red Dead Redemption ISO mods ONLINE Tutorial
  193. [Tutorial] How to mod Skyrim Dawnguard PC to Xbox
  194. [Tutorial] [help] modding dragons dogma
  195. [Tutorial] How to find a GPD number
  196. [Tutorial] Transformers FoC COMPLETE Demo Modding
  197. [Tutorial] MGS: Peacewalker How to make an North American save work for European consoles
  198. [Tutorial] Xbox 360 Minecraft How to Get OUT & ONTOP of the Netherworld Map
  199. [Tutorial] How to add all Dragon's Dogma DLC weapons and armors (Easy and Fast Way)
  200. [Tutorial] Xbox 360 Minecraft How to Mod Unlimited Items
  201. [Tutorial] How to get FREE or cheap XBL Gold every month.
  202. [Tutorial] How to Profile Mod CoD Games Without Using Hex Editor
  203. [Tutorial] darksiders 2 tut on modding video
  205. [Tutorial] Gears Of War 3: Duplicate Silverbacks
  206. [Tutorial] Darksider 2 third nad more playthrough with all equippment lvl 30 lol
  207. [Tutorial] Darksiders 2 stat booster glitch
  208. [Tutorial] Darksiders 2 weapon duping
  209. [Tutorial] Darksiders fun glitches
  210. [Tutorial] Dragon age origins modding
  211. [Tutorial] How to Unlock all Weekly Rockstar Challenges in A World of Keflings
  212. [Tutorial] How to mod Dungeon Defenders [Eternia Crystal]
  213. [Tutorial] How to mod Dungeon Defenders [Hexing]
  214. [Tutorial] Borderlands 2: ULTIMATE GLITCH Best Weapons & Infinite Money
  215. [Tutorial] Easy Max Money
  216. [Tutorial] more vault symbol locations 2 maps
  217. [Tutorial] TuT&Release for modding unlimited guns in inventory/backpack
  218. [Tutorial] How to make a downloaded save game file work!
  219. [Tutorial] Slim RGH 16D4S NO Dummy.bin - How To Replace DVD Drive (For RGH)
  220. [Tutorial] Borderlands 2 Duplicating items
  221. [Tutorial] Negative Bomb Timer in MW3
  222. [Tutorial] How to edit money skill points an eridium
  223. [Tutorial] How to hookup to Xbox Live without a router!
  224. [Tutorial] How To Mod Borderlands (USB)
  225. [Tutorial] how to mod halo 4 xp
  226. [Tutorial] Borderlands 2 Save Editor Revision 70
  227. [Tutorial] Borderlands 2 Save Editor Weapon Codes
  228. [Tutorial] People looking for solutions to Tray Open and non disc reading issues with Slim Xbox
  229. [Tutorial] Borderlands 2 Changing Enemy Levels
  230. [Tutorial] Great fix for older xbox's with disc trays that either are stuck jammed or wont open
  231. [Tutorial] Got RROD or E74 Error Xbox lying around? Try this out instead of selling that xbox!
  232. [Tutorial] possible way to unban your halo 4 bans.
  233. [Tutorial] Assassin's Creed 3 Money Mod
  234. [Tutorial] Resident Evil 4 Modding
  235. [Tutorial] Borderlands 2 Halloween Character's Skins
  236. [Tutorial] Halo 4 offline xp cap bypass
  237. [Tutorial] How to create Advanced Hybrid weapons and Pearlescent Weapons in Borderlands 2
  238. [Tutorial] How to mod halo 4 XP online written Tutorial
  239. [Tutorial] How to get free 48 hour or 14 day trail codes
  240. [Tutorial] How to get a FULL Netflix Account Free!
  241. [Tutorial] How to change your Gamertag for FREE!
  242. [Tutorial] Getting Artworks Working in Xexmenu
  243. [Tutorial] Unlimited Microsoft Points Exploit (@JP method)
  244. [Tutorial] Halo 4: Unlock [ONLINE] all Loadout/Armory/Spartan-ID items
  245. [Tutorial] How to Uncorrupt Profile from a Banned Xbox 360
  246. [Tutorial] How to mod DMC1 HD collection European version
  247. [Tutorial] (Xbox360) How To Mod Halo 3 Color! (Super White)
  248. [Tutorial] Hex Workshop codes! for Dungeon Defenders X360!
  249. [Tutorial] Far Cry 3 Modding Money.
  250. [Tutorial] Tropico 4 Gold Edition - How To Mod Money