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  1. Official Open-Source Kinect Drivers for PC Released by PrimeSense
  2. libxenon Improvements, N64 Emulator Demo Video
  3. FreeStyle Dash v2.0 RC1.3
  4. New DVD Drive Discovered in XBOX360 Slim ā€“ Hitachi DLN10N ā€œ0500″
  5. Super Mario Wars v1.8.04 Final
  6. 360 Screenshot Tool v0.9.7.5
  7. Exult360 v1.405
  8. GliGli Working on libXenon Support for Jasper 360s
  9. Kinect hack allows fan to transform into Ultraseven
  10. FreeStyle Dash v2.0 RC1.5
  11. FBANext 360 Beta 2.2
  12. Final version of X360USB PRO Finished and Tested 100pct
  13. Maximus 360Lizard Accessories Details
  14. HvxDump v1.3
  15. XZP Tool v1.0
  16. Maximus 360 Lizard Manuals and Scorpion Details
  17. Microsoft Is Said to Seek Tech Prowess by Shuffling Management
  18. Exult360
  19. Awesome! Xbox 360 R2D2 complete with projector
  20. c4eva updates
  21. Xbox 360 plus Atari 2600 equals Ben Heck's latest mod (also 2,960)
  22. Stepto on Xbox Live hacker: 'He's not trying to help'
  23. New Beta Dash 2.0.13141.0 Stops All Non AP2.5 Games From Booting
  24. ABGX360 about new iXtreme v1.91 FW and AP2.6
  25. reset glitch hack- JTAG on ALL SLIM'S!
  26. iXtreme LT+ v1.92 For Slim Liteon Drives + JF v1.87 Released!
  27. Gboot - a ReBooter in Development for the Reset Glitch Hack
  28. Matrix Glitcher Speed Test and NAND Flasher
  29. Xeno360 - RGH chip and NAND Flasher
  30. Wasabi 360 Ultra Demonstration - AP25 and XGD3
  31. xK3y Updates: XGD3, Slim Liteon 1071 and LIVE
  32. C4eva DG-16D2S and VAD6038 0800 v2 FW in Testing
  33. Mupen64-360 v0.96 beta
  34. C4Eva about LTplus v2.0 Progress: XGD3 Defeated
  35. Xecuter: LT-Max and CoolRunner Demo Videos
  36. Maximus Lizard Buzzer Add-on
  37. Scene Group RRoD Releases More Details about LTplus v2.0 and XGD3
  38. Amiga360 - P-UAE 2.3.3 for Xbox 360 Console
  39. Xbox Backup Creator v2.9 Build 0345 *Updated*
  40. JungleFlasher v0.1.88 beta (280)
  41. C4E's iXtreme LT+ v2.0 and 0800 v3 CFW
  42. Exploit 360 v1.0.1.0
  43. xK3y Updates: Retail Packing, Multi-Language and Firmware v1.02
  44. The x360 SpiFlasher
  45. BoxZii Module1 upgrade Software v1.07: 0800 XGD3 backups
  46. Xecuter CK3i Officially Launched
  47. JungleFlasher v0.1.89 (284)
  48. C4E's iXtreme LTplus v2.0 for Slim DG-16D4S LiteOn
  49. AP2.5 DAE.bin Update from C4Eva, Wasabi360, BoxZii, xk3y
  50. abgx360: DAE.bin Silently Updated on XBL on Current Dashboard *Update2*
  51. New Xbox360 Slim Motherboard: 'Corona' - HANA Chip 'Gone'
  52. iXtreme LT 3.0 is coming ā€“ DAE/AP25 Gets The Silver Bullet!
  53. JungleFlasher v0.1.90 (292)
  54. C4E's iXtreme LTplus v2.0 for FAT Hitachi drives
  55. iXtreme LTplus v3.0 to be Released After December 6
  56. Topology Files for iXtreme LT+ v3.0
  57. C4Eā€™s iXtreme LT+ v3.0 in association with Team Jungle & Team Xecuter
  58. "Jailbreaking is Not a Crime" - Bunnie and EFF Letter
  59. Xaio360 - All in One Flasher/Glitcher/JTAG Chip
  60. XLink Kai Engine v7.4.24
  61. XBox 360 ISO Hacker Utility v5 for OSX
  62. Wasabi 360 Ultra firmware v1.2 Beta3
  63. xK3y Remote now optional
  64. AutoGG 0.2.9b
  65. Dual NAND Support for Squirt360
  66. Tomorrow comes today - Super Time Force hits Xbox One and Xbox 360
  67. MotoGP 15 Official Pre-Order Trailer