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  1. [YouTube] Re: Final Fantasy 15/Final Fantasy XV - Malboro Battle

    Good old bad breath....still nasty as ever I see. I really wish they'd give us a release date for this game, I can't take the suspense....lol.
  2. [YouTube] Re: XCOM 2 Officially Announced For PC? Finally! DriveClub PS Plus Edition On The WAY

    PC only for xcom 2....:060: Hopefully they'll release it for consoles later on.
  3. [YouTube] Re: FInal Fantasy 15: Ramuh's Judgement Bolt

    lol, brings back memories, kind of makes me feel old too considering I've played every FF game since the original on NES. Can't wait for FFXV though, definitely grabbing that as soon as possible.
  4. Re: Destiny will add audio options and colourblind support in next update

    lol, they add options for the audio and video when the PvP, and a lot of PvE stuff as well, is laggy and broken as hell...Barely made it through iron banner this week with my controller still intact.
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    Re: Dragon Age Inquisition Modding

    Yeah, I'll take the fallout/skyrim occasional freezes for the ability to mod my saves. I like inquisition, but I hate the grind and rng of trying to farm items, especially the fade touched ones....
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    Re: Reviews: Sniper Elite V2 (Xbox360)

    Love this series, I mean what other game will let you nut shot Hitler and in slow-mo xray vision as well lol. Definitely not for the run and gun fans, takes patience and time to set up your kills in...
  7. Re: [Question] Dragon Age Inquisition SE ? Someone working on it?

    Has anyone figured out the encryption on this game yet?
  8. Re: Destiny' House Of Wolves DLC Leak Reveals Plot Details, New Gear And Possible Rel

    I'm quite disappointed about the delay for this dlc, I'm already bored out of my mind with the dark below, though because of the shit rng I still have to run the raid every week to get screwed out of...
  9. Re: Whats the longest amount of time you've ever played your 360?

    Yeah, the first dark souls is definitely harder, hell the first boss right at the start can serious kick the shit out of you in a few hits, I think it's the only 360 game that cost me a controller,...
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    [YouTube] Re: Destiny - Dead Orbit Rank 100!

    Damn....and I thought I had a lot of time into this game...I didn't know about the shaders for a while so I ranked up vanguard and crucible I think I'm 17 vanguard,13 crucible and 14 dead orbit, and...
  11. Re: Destiny patch to fix certain exploits, increase Vault of Glass weapon levels

    Sad that all they changed in VoG was random exotics, I doubt the vex will be getting buffed by this patch. Crota raid is easy as hell without cheesing it and still no date for hard mode. then there's...
  12. Re: DA:Inquisition save from PC to Xbox? Does it work?

    Any luck yet seeing if this works?
  13. Re: New Destiny Leak Could Show What's Coming Next

    So true, I often wonder how great this game would have been if it hadn't been stripped down in the last year of development...
  14. [YouTube] Re: Destiny: See The Dark Below's New Weapons in Action - PSX 2014

    Some of those look okay, but didn't really see anything better than the weapons I already have, dragon's breath does look pretty cool though.
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    Re: Helpful Dragon Age Inquisition Exploits

    Doesn't work on plants, they just go right back into the materials category, works great for the fade touched materials, going to try this for my nightmare playthrough to give all my characters the...
  16. [YouTube] Re: Official 10 Minute Walkthrough - Final Fantasy XV

    Definitely agree, the big open areas to explore were somewhat missing or limited in the past few FF games, glad to see this game changing that. This one is next-gen only though right?
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    [Release] Re: Infinity [Web Base AIO] By: XB36Hazard

    Worked great for GTA:SA, I like the idea of it being web based as well, nice job.
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    Re: Skyrim- kill essential NPC's on xbox?

    Just put all the console commands in a text file in your skyrim folder, it'll still take a while to compile the list, but once it's done it will only take a second to do in the game. Check this page...
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    Re: Skyrim- kill essential NPC's on xbox?

    I'm pretty sure it would stick if you do it manually since you can make npcs essential and that sticks, I'd just be careful which npcs you use it on since it could break the story/quests.
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    Poll: Re: Skyrim Save Editor?

    I think it would be great, it can get to be a pain moving saves back and forth from xbox to pc, and I don't even have it on my laptop anymore, I'd definitely be interested in an editor.
  21. [YouTube] Re: Best Scare Prank Ever - Annabelle Prank

    I'm sure being there would be scary, but I was laughing my ass off while watching that video, I just wish I knew what they were saying. Nice share.
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    Re: Is there a mass effect 1 save editor?

    I think it's only xp and talent points you can edit in ME1, very easy to hex edit though.
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    Re: Destiny Vault of Glass Raid

    Any good loot? All I got was a pair of gloves right before the templar fight and the group I was in never made it past him. The raid is really my last hope for getting any good loot short of having...
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    Re: Destiny Vault of Glass Raid

    How far did you guys make it? I wanted to go but I had already been up for 30 hours, kept falling asleep lol. I made it to the templar boss guy when I went in, got stuck on him...
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    Re: Destiny Venus Boosting

    Yeah, I tried that spot today for a bit, only got 1 blue and a few green from an hour of farming that spot though. Funny thing, I've never gotten any legendary gear from the purple ones, yet I got a...
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