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    Re: Possible to backup digital games?

    You can backup your games onto a flash drive and then download either Horizon, Modio, Ellipse, Xport 360 or Xbox360 Infinity Tools to transfer your games from the flash drive to your computer.
  2. [Modded Save] Castlevania: LoS2 110% completion and New Game +

    Here's what is in this save:

    All upgrades found
    All combos maxed
    All artwork found
    All challenges completed
    New Game + unlocked
    Over 1 million experience points
    Game at 110% completion
  3. Anyone having any luck at hacking PS4 saves yet?

    I was just wondering how the PS4 hacking is going? Anyone making any progress yet? And for those of you trying, thanks for the effort.
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    re: Batman arkham origins - Game [100%]

    Will this save unlock any story achievements?
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    PS4 does not support Blu-Ray 3D!!

    I can't believe this, the PS3 supports 3D. I know it was installed later via a system update. But there shouldn't be any reason why the PS4 doesn't support 3D at launch. This is disappointing because...
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    Re: [PS4] Who's Getting Warframe?

    I'm definitely getting it. I'll be picking up my PS4 on Friday and downloading it that night along with Assassin's Creed 4.
  7. Re: (save)Castlevania: LoS Mirror of Fate HD game complete

    That would be great. Thank you.
  8. (save)Castlevania: LoS Mirror of Fate HD game complete

    Here's what is is this save

    All Acts unlocked and completed on Easy
    Level 16 characters
    Boss Rush unlocked
    Hardcore unlocked

    Prologue - Gabriel 100%
    Act I - Simon 75%
    Act II -...
  9. TMNT: Out of the Shadows (Everything Unlocked save)

    Here's what is in the save

    All chapters unlocked
    All turtles fully upgraded
    All special weapons fully upgraded
    All concept art unlocked
    All Challenges Unlocked
    Survival Mode Unlocked
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    Re: [SAVE] DARK - Modded Starter Save

    Is this game any good? What would you compare it to?
  11. Re: [SAVE]Remember Me(Game Completed, All Upgrades Unlocked)

    After you download this file, unzip it onto your computer hard drive then open the save file with Horizon and rehash and save it with your profile ID's. Then put it on your 360 hard drive.
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    Re: Microsoft Ditches Xbox One DRM!

    I agree with Idlehands88, it's too little and too late. I already pre-ordered my PS4 and I still don't want a Kinect. I'll miss you Halo but not that much because I'll be playing Destiny!
  13. [SAVE]Remember Me(Game Completed, All Upgrades Unlocked)

    Here's what is in this save:

    ALL Episodes completed on Easy
    All Health Upgrades found
    All Focus Upgrades found
    All Combat Upgrades unlocked
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    Re: Metal Gear Solid 2: Snake Tales Achievement

    Yes that would be great to have a save with all of the Snake Tales completed.
  15. Re: If you could have one game remade for the Current/Next Gen console

    "Out of This World" it was on the SNES
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    [Save]Spider-man EoT Ultimate Save

    Here is what's in this save:

    Story mode 100% complete(Normal)
    All Upgrades purchased
    All Costumes ulocked
    Game save is 90% complete overall(still have challenges and hidden spiders to...
  17. Thread: Attention Haven

    by CodyMP

    Re: Attention Haven

    Thanks for letting us know. This is why I always use any modding tools on my old computer that isn't connected to the internet.
  18. Thread: Defiance Beta

    by CodyMP

    Re: Defiance Beta

    I'm in the U.S. and I got my invite for pre-ordering the game. But only the PC version was available. Is there a beta for the 360?
  19. [SAVE] DMC Virgil's Downfall 100% Complete w/ Super Virgil

    Here's what this save contains:

    All Upgrades purchased
    All Hidden Crosses and Lost Souls found
    Health bar maxed
    Devil Trigger maxed
    Super Virgil perk unlocked
    All items modded over 900...
  20. Re: {Game Save}Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II 100% complete EVERYTHING UNLOCKED

    You can't get that achievement with this save. I suggest finding a holocron location video walkthru on YouTube.
  21. Re: Halo 4 God Mode with Infinite Ammo & Grenades Campaign Mods

    I used Liberty for Halo 4 and it worked great!!
  22. [Save]DBZ Budokai HD All Sagas & Characters Unlocked

    Here is my save for Dragon Ball Z Budoikai 1.

    All Characters Unlocked
    All Sagas Unlocked
    Legend of Hercule Unlocked
    All modes for World Tournament Unlocked

    Note: I haven't tested for...
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    Re: Knights Of The Old Republic 1 & 2

    I have modded saves for both of these games and I'll post them when I get a chance. It will probably be this weekend before I get to it. You'll have to transfer them from your computer straight to...
  24. Re: Alan Wake - All diificulties + All manuscripts + All Coffee

    Mikey1234 is right. If you use the manuscripts and coffee save the achievements will NOT POP and you will not be able to get them because your stats will show that you found all those items
  25. Re: Metal Gear Solid HD Collection - VR Missions 99.4%

    Well I got it to 99.8% with Variety Missions 1 & 2 complete but not 3. Good Luck...


    This is a North American save. If you need a European save I think you just rename the save from BLUS...
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