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Final Fantasy XIII - Epilogue Extreme (100% Save Game)
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    Grimace 2 Final Fantasy XIII - Epilogue Extreme (100% Save Game)

    Originally posted on xbox360-content when it was still around, re-posted here again for the first time.

    This save is 100% complete. Story and hunt quests complete, characters maxed and every item in the inventory and all data logs.
    The point of this save was the extensive inventory editing.

    I painstakingly fixed the inventory to have multiple copies of every single item, and more importantly every single weapon - in each of it's upgrade phases.
    (I lost count of the number of times I corrupted my save working on this. It was a real chore at the time.)

    Certain accessory combinations are lost if you upgrade a weapon to it's final form; it isn't always beneficial. With this save you can clearly see the entire progress - and skins - of the various weapons.
    The characters are also legitimately maxed through the crystarium; no stat hacking has been done what so ever. So you can play with all characters at their originally designed peak levels. Many enemies are still very tough to beat, as they expand in level along with you.

    This save is mostly for people looking to perfect their combat tactics, improving on battle times and whatnot. There *might* be 1 or 2 data logs / monster data not 100%; it's been a while since I mucked with this. If you believe anything is missing, make a post here and I'll fix it up. :)

    Credits to "unknown v2" for the original ff13crypt tool and to "extra2000" for his extensive research on the inventory values and command editing tools.

    Enjoy :)

    *edit* Talking to the robot in Oerba *MAY* trigger a massive achievement pop. This save was 1000G on my system.
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    Re: Final Fantasy XII - Epilogue Extreme (100% Save Game)

    Someone will find this useful. Thanks for sharing.

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    Re: Final Fantasy XII - Epilogue Extreme (100% Save Game)

    Sounds awesome! Thanks for the share :)

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    Re: Final Fantasy XII - Epilogue Extreme (100% Save Game)

    Wow, gonna try it out nice bro.

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    Re: Final Fantasy XII - Epilogue Extreme (100% Save Game)

    thanks for the sharing!

    my save game has been deleted when im installing the 3rd disc! last time i had already reach to the 9th chapter before the data has gone! it around 28hours of gameplay already.

    my question is, can this file, play the selected chapter?

    it is imposible for me to play from the 1st chapter,,, *_*

    thanks for the info

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    Have a nice day Re: Final Fantasy XIII - Epilogue Extreme (100% Save Game)

    Thanks from Russia))) i very need this save to open last achievement.

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    Re: Final Fantasy XIII - Epilogue Extreme (100% Save Game)

    Thank you very much!

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    Re: Final Fantasy XIII - Epilogue Extreme (100% Save Game)

    Thank you so much!!!!
    I searched everywhere for this save, because of the Treasure Hunter trophie!!!
    You saved my life


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