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    Re: Developers Please Read

    Quote Originally Posted by Emerald Lance View Post
    Very much agree. For instance, there are a couple Armored Core For Answer editors out there, but they aren't very creative and only edit the money and total FRS; if I still had the game, I could make an editor to mod each tuned stat individually, as well as mod the parts that are currently equipped to your active mech (I was actually doing research about a year ago to try and find Aretha's parts). Just because an editor for a game exists doesn't mean that it's the best way it could be done. I think the point is for devs to work harder to make the best editor possible (because they know that somebody else could come along and potentially make a better one) instead of settling for the bare minimum. Competition is good, and it's what keeps quality high.

    That was actually pretty good. You know Cloud, you and I could work together to learn how to make editors. I wouldn't mind helping in any way I could. I still have a lot to learn myself, and it could be good for both of us.
    thanks for the offer bro, but im good just being the spam king lol, but if i do ever plan on becoming a dev will hit you up on that offer bro :)
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    Re: Developers Please Read

    Quote Originally Posted by Red Hulkv2 View Post
    damn i forgot about this thread, damn u lance lol....we all have different opinions about this, thats kinda why i made this just to see what others think..most vote against what i think which is fine.....guess im the lost cat trying to find a saucer with a splash of milk
    lol. Yeah, it's cool that we can all get along despite our differing opinions. Though I totally see where you're coming from with this, I just don't feel the same way. And I'm glad that that's cool in this community.

    Also, my bad about necro-ing the thread, I didn't even think to check the last post date. But wait, did I necro it? I haven't checked the rules in a while now; does it say that it's against the rules to post in an old thread? Is this thread even that old? Just curious... lol

    Quote Originally Posted by CloudStrife7x View Post
    thanks for the offer bro, but im good just being the spam king lol, but if i do ever plan on becoming a dev will hit you up on that offer bro :)
    Sure thing, buddy. ^-^
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    Quote Originally Posted by SaiyanPrince302, commenting on how to become a Super Saiyan,
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    Re: Developers Please Read

    I agree, that's why i joined this forum. I used to make database editors for Pro Evolution Soccer PC version (2008, 2009) and now i intend to do some reasearch on FIFA XBOX version, so we can replace leagues/players/teams etc with new ones.

    SO...everybody who wants to join, just contact me, probably i'll start a new thread for this. I saw there are few guys who made editors for virtual pro, and things like this. Maybe we can edit also the database etc.
    I heard that some guys succesfully replaced textures in RX3 format, so i think this is possible.

    The problem is that yesterday i thought about this for the first time and i don't know very much about fifa(where is database stored , what files , etc) so any reference would be great. I started by having a look at Squads1 file but i can't see anything about players. Just some league names, club names.
    I will continue my work and i will let you know if i find something.

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    Thank you bro for having the nuts and posting ur argument.
    I agree every single word u wrote there.

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