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[Trainer] [Baga Trainer] Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen TU2 Trainer [43430814] 5/26/2013
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    [Baga Trainer] Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen TU2 Trainer [43430814] 5/26/2013

    Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen TU2 Trainer [43430814]

    created by ioritree(360haven)

    1. Extract the files in the rar
    2. Copy the 2 files:trl01.xex ,tr01.xex and trlnolaunch to the Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen game folder or Xbox360 HDD (any folder)
    3. Run trl01.xex using XexMenu, File Manager or other tools
    4. If default.xex is not found, it'll return to Dashboard, run the game the normal way
    5. In game, press the Back +↑ , Back +↓ buttons to Display the Cheats Menu
    6. Multi number to enable (123 =Enable1,2,3),(1122334=Disable1,2,3 Enable 4

    This Trainer Only Work For TU2
    Please report any freeze problem or Bug or suggest


    PAGE 1 (Back +↑)
    Inf Health
    (support player and all Pawns)
    One HitKo
    (support player and all Pawns)
    Inf Stamina
    (support player and all Pawns)
    Zero Weight
    (support player and all Pawns)
    Keep Exp x2
    Level Up Quickly
    Job Point Max
    Vocation Max
    (Time will not increase)
    382 Of NPC Love You
    (Please use one time,if keep trainer will cause fatal crash)
    Day And Night Shift Fast
    (LB+RB + (↑,↓,←,→))(Day,Night,Fast,Normal)
    Inf Rancid Bait Meat Effect
    (Rancid Bait Meat effect will not decrease,you can leave boss room and into again,meat and boss always still here,but you must put a one meat in the room.)

    PAGE2 (Back +↓)
    Freeze Time Attack Mode
    Inf Item
    Gold And R Max
    (You can easy copy/Give weapon,equipment,curse island item)(don't keep this trainer when return main title)
    Golden Dragon Forged
    (Easy Upgrade To Golden Dragon Forged ,Select You Want Weapon/Equipment At Item Storage To Withdraw,don't keep long time)
    Select Game Difficult Mode
    (RB + (↑,↓,←,→))(Normal,Easy,Hard,challenge)(Please use in Main Menu option then save,if use in game will cause fatal crash)
    All Skill EX
    (some no ring skill also have 3rd tier (no name))
    Moon Jump
    (You can easy climb high place )
    Archer,Ranger Skill Quickly Use(Beta)
    (press RB + ↑(on) RB+↓(off) to Enable/disable)
    Magic running fire
    (press LT when you ready use any magic,don't press long time!!!)
    You won't get caught
    (You can fxxk any npc and not be get caught)

    You Can Input Multi Number To Enable or Disable Functions At The Same Time.
    Baga Trainer Engine Will Detect Your Local Language To Change,Example Chinses Local will Change Chinese Cheat Screen

    ━━━(゜∀゜)━( ゜∀)━(  ゜)━(  )━(  )━(゜  )━(∀゜ )━(゜∀゜)━━━!!

    Especially Thank Baga99(Baga Trainer engine)
    Thanks 360haven all friends
    Attached Files Attached Files
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    Re: [release]Dragon's Dogma +14 Trainer v1

    very awesome job on this trainer ioritree :), keep up the great job bro :)
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    Re: [release]Dragon's Dogma +14 Trainer v1

    thank you!!

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    Re: [release]Dragon's Dogma +14 Trainer v1

    Great work! Will give it a try! :)
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    Re: [release]Dragon's Dogma +14 Trainer v1

    nice job with this trainer ioritree
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    Re: [release]Dragon's Dogma +14 Trainer v1

    thank you! game was pissing me off trying to mod the save

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    Re: [release]Dragon's Dogma +14 Trainer v1

    whoa!! very awesome job on this trainer nice!

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    Re: [release]Dragon's Dogma +14 Trainer v1

    will try


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