i dont mean to show-off but i mad the best montage videos or music videos in youtube for the game prince of persia .. i never watched a video that look better them my videos .. except for one video calls "Prince of Persia - 'Anything you can do" but no video ether then that ...and i want you to be the judge for it ...
1-prince of Persia the sands of time trilogy
this is my very first montage video ever .. you will see some mistakes in it but it still a good video

2-prince of persia 2008-traveler
i like this one .. its not perfect .. but it has a great songe
in it .. i did add a subtitle for the song in the video and i like to thank magnus hydra for helping me in the translation

3-prince of persia - The Final conclusion
this is my favorite one .. it has a great music and i gained so match experience from my ether videos before i made it ..

now if you watched the videos please tell me what you think .. and witch one is the best one .. and if you like one what is your favorite part .. and please dont call me bragging B... :)