We're sure you marked your calendar when we first reported the Xbox Live schedule for April, but we figured a reminder was in order (just in case!). The latest Deal of the Week is for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 DLC, which is available for half price and includes both Onslaught mode and the Vietnam expansion. And, if Vietnam is just too recent historically for you, Battlefield 1943 has also been discounted. The deals expire after April 11.

Check out the available savings after the break.

Battefield: Bad Company 2 - Vietnam 1200 600 ($7.50) [Xbox.com]
Onslaught Mode 400 200 ($2.50) [Xbox.com]
Kit Short-cut Bundle Pack 1200 600 ($7.50) [Xbox.com]
SPECACT Upgrade Bundle 480 240 ($3.00) [Xbox.com]
Battlefield 1943 1200 600 ($7.50) [Xbox.com]