If you're intrigued by Codemasters' upcoming rally racer Dirt 3, but find yourself turned off by all the ... um, rally racing, the developer recently revealed a multiplayer-oriented "Party Mode" which might just float your boat. The mode will feature three distinctly non-racing mini-games, including:

"Invasion," in which players drive around an open lot, crashing into cardboard robots while avoiding cardboard skyscrapers. We anticipate this will be harder than it sounds, as some skyscrapers seem to resemble giant robots nowadays.
"Outbreak," which sees one player "infected" with some sort of automotive ailment, symbolized by their car turning bright green. The player can spread the disease to others by colliding with them, and the last healthy player wins the pot.
"Transporter," a capture-the-flag title where players must grab randomly-spawning flags and return them to their home base, avoiding their fellow, flag-snatching drivers. Jason Statham appears to be regrettably absent.