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How To Cheat GameStop and Wal-Mart
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    How To Cheat GameStop and Wal-Mart

    How to screw over gamestop. I found out how to find these exploits in gamestop over time and now I feel like sharing them. Iam not responsible to what may happen to you with this and I do warn you that if you do get caught you might get yelled at,kicked out the store, and the worse thing get in trouble with the law.(Maybe) Also I will be updating this list if I find more exploits at gamestop or any other gaming place.

    1.Wired/wireless headsets. This works about 99% of time to trade these in. I have done this one about 4 times and have not been caught at all.
    As long as the outside of the headset isnt damaged that is they should buy it from you. This is really easy to sell to them because they cant tell if they work or not because no gamestop employee is going to check if it does during there working time. The only downside of this is that they dont give you a lot of money for the headsets.

    2. Selling broken controllers(It will help if you have the tools to take the controller apart to sell to them)
    I have done this about 4 times with my controllers and 3 out 4 times it worked. The only time it didnt work was when they saw this old nintendo controller I had smashed into 2 parts they didnt buy it. The other 3 controllers I sold to them had broken leds,didnt power on, and last one had a hole in the middle of the board and they still bought it as working! As long as you have the battery pack for it and no really bad damage to the outside of the controller they will buy it. When they do look over the controller most employees look over the controller,press the buttons, and move around the joysticks. If you can figure out which gamestop employee is lazy go to him with your more "Damaged" controllers like joysticks not working and missing rubber pads. Then if you have the tools to take apart the controller give them some shitty thumbstick on the controller,worn out buttons/bumpers, and even you most shitty beat up but still in tact controller shell on it and they will buy it as long as it is not visibly/feels broken to them.

    3. How to not pay tax on buying a xbox 360 from them
    I found this one out on accident. When I was buying a xbox 360 back in 2007 and it cost $400 for it the tax would have been(Where I live) $20 for it at the time. Now before I tell you how to do this I have not done this in 3 years so I do not know for 100% if they have fixed this yet or if it still works. So to dodge the tax on paying for a xbox 360 trade in some stuff and put it on your "edge" card and see if you can put money on it if you dont have enough or(I dont know if this works for 100%) get a gamestop gift card and put your money on that. Now go to another gamestop store and get a xbox 360 and since all of your money/trade ins are on the card you shouldn't be able to pay tax on it! This might work with other gamestop stuff but iam not 100% sure.

    4. How to get a free xbox 360 from walmart.
    I know I said "How to get a free xbox 360 from walmart." but this requires you to buy a xbox 360 from walmart and you will need the tools/knowledge on how to take apart a xbox 360 and put it back to together. So you will need a broken xbox 360 motherboard. Then got to walmart and buy a xbox 360. Go home and swap the dead xbox 360 mother board with the new one. Go back to walmart(A couple days later or at another one) and return it and get your money back or a new xbox 360! Now I say this will work about 98% and it all depends on how you return it to at walmart. If there smart with xbox 360s they will take off the faceplate and see that you did take it apart. So get a nice old lady or a person that dosent seem to care and return it to them. Also if you got dead/non working controller board swap it out with the one they give you for the xbox 360.

    5. How to get more money on trade ins at gamestop.
    I know this works for a fact now. I went to gamestop and I had pre ordered the prestige edition for CoDBO and I went back to the hardened ed. and got(I had $100 on the prestige one) and got $20 and I only did trade ins on the game! So all you got to do is trade in towards a game coming out and then go down grade to the normal ed. or other one and then get money back from the prestige ed.

    Thanks to Comrade.

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    Mister Epic
    Number 4 doesn't seem like it would be practical and seems inconvenient.

    Interesting information, but not sure how practical or useful this would all be. But aye, I'll keep those tactics in mind the next time I'm looking around GameStop.

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    number 4 isnt pratical theres a serial number on the Xbox and on the part where the Controllers plug in on the frame of the xbox if you do do this make sure you get a old person that doesnt know what to look for

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    Nope, number 4 works just fine. If your gut swapping all serials will match because they are on the outside of unit. If you have access to a heat gun you can at low temp remove the new void stickers intact and undetectable. Also, it doesn't matter who you return it to, man, woman or old man or woman, have a girl or woman take it back and there will be no questions asked and if you get a gift receipt with your purchase the answer to why it's being returned, "I got it as a gift and I don't want it."

    Not that I've done this personally, but my best bud has done this at least 9 times at walmart with no problems. DO NOT do this at Target or Best Buy, they DO check the items.

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    Here's what I used to do before I got to tall.

    Me and my buddy would walk to wal-mart together during the winter time. I would have a switch blade, and a list of crap I'd want. He would also have a list of stuff he wanted, and I would have on some really baggy pants with DEEP pockets.

    When we got in I would go straight to the clothing section, and hide up under the clothes rack that had the long over coats on it. He would then go and get what was on the list(s), and bring it back to me. I would then use the switchblade to cut open the packages/boxes/safety plastics. Remove the disc(s)/card(s)/and write down the product keys if needed. We would do that 2x at the most a day(morning and late afternoon) once a month, and make off with hundreds of dollars in items easy w/o any1 ever catching us.

    Before you say anything let me say this. I don't like wal-mart period. They are a dirty corporation that uses child labor, poor business ethics that effect local small businesses and the community as a whole. They rip off customers with their so called product warranties which they never want to own up to, and are just a terrible corporation in all to me. If you like them then that is your business. I'm not saying stealing is right, or what we did was justified, but I will say I don't feel any remorse what so ever about it.


    Edit: As for the list above.
    I've done number 1 with a wired head set, and got store credit for a new one at game stop.

    I also have actually done number 4 before, and it worked with wal-mart and game stop. The trick is to peel the sticker really slow, and use rubbing alchohal if nessarry to help dissolve the adhesive(NOTE DO NOT HAVE THE 360 PLUGGED IN, AND WAIT 30MINS AT LEAST WITH THE CASE OPEN BEFORE TURNING BACK ON), when you swap the boards out. You then put the sticker back on, if you used the rubbing alcohol then you must use some king of glue(I personally use plastic model glue b/c its cheap and want muck up the case). This will always work, unless you do a crappy job. The sticker has to look perfect and I mean perfect for it to work 100% of the time, if you mess up and the sticker looks screwed up a little then you need to either try again, or make sure you go to really old and/or lazy person when you exchange for store credit/cash.

    Done it 5x at wal-mart, and 1x at game stop(again don't judge, you will do anything to make a buck if your broke and you got a girlfriend that is a freak in the bed) <--Don't think that comment is against the rules if so sorry mods.

    I've also managed to do it with a ps2 before at game stop(Don't judge me, was broke and games are way more expensive then they used to be)
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    Re: How To Cheat GameStop and Wal-Mart

    this is a little bit illegal.. but funny xD

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    Re: How To Cheat GameStop and Wal-Mart

    #4 was abused a lot back in the day. hell, people used to buy an xbox and fill the box it came in with rocks and return it to walmart. took them a while to actually get someone (young) to actually look at the thing for loss prevention.

    use a heatgun to remove the sticker under the faceplate for maximum effectiveness! but they no longer sell the old models and my slim version hasn't broken (yet) so i don't know what to do about those.

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    Re: How To Cheat GameStop and Wal-Mart

    Quote Originally Posted by Lelouch View Post
    #4 was abused a lot back in the day. hell, people used to buy an xbox and fill the box it came in with rocks and return it to walmart. took them a while to actually get someone (young) to actually look at the thing for loss prevention.

    use a heatgun to remove the sticker under the faceplate for maximum effectiveness! but they no longer sell the old models and my slim version hasn't broken (yet) so i don't know what to do about those.

    I used to work at ASDA (uk's version of wal-mart) and saw no end of people doing this with T.V's. Because of their 30 day 'no quibble return' policy they would simply take the box back and hand over the cash straight away. It wasn't until 2 days later when the items were due to go back to the supplier that one of the boxes was opened by one of the warehouse guys that they realised it just had several bricks in it lol.

    And McW, that is epic lol, hiding in the clothes rack and de-tagging items. Made my day that has lol


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