HELP please,
okay i'm having trouble with finding the last 2 accessories, so does anyone know what they are and where all 15 weapon accesories are?, i can only find 13/15 or a guide to getting them all.

crysis 2 (limited edition) weapon accessories that i can remember i have in single player.

13/15 weapon accessories


M12 nova,
pistol silencer + pistol laser sight

pistol silencer + pistol laser sight

assault scope

machine pistol (AY-69?)
reflex scope + laser sight + extended mags

assault rifles

silencer + extended clip + light shotgun + reflex sight + lasersight

grenade launcher + gauss attachment + laser sight + reflex scope

light shotgun + reflex + assault scope


pistol silencer + extended clip + relex sight +laser sight

light machine gun

mod 60
laser sight + assault sight

sniper type weapons

DSG-1 sniper rifle
sniper scope + reflex scope + assault scope + silencer

gauss gun
sniper scope + assault scope

special weapons

x-mike (microwave gun)
has no accessories that i know of.
so what am i missing and how can i get them? / where can i find them?.

i know i'm probably missing the hologram attachment (if it's available in single player)