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[Release] Dead Island Riptide Editor v1.5
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    Dead Island Riptide Editor v1.5

    Just updated the editor to allow you to fully customize the skill tree.
    If you used the old version to mod your skills, you'll need to reset them for it to work.
    To do that, just choose "None" then hit the Unlock Skills button.

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    Re: Dead Island Riptide Editor

    Nice work man! I'll give this a test and see what happens. Thanks
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    Awesome work! Thank you

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    Re: Dead Island Riptide Editor

    wow.. only 2 comments on this? looks like i'm way early to this party.. kill_seth is the editor reliable? i mean like have you modded a few saves with it? your editors have always worked but just askin since you mentioned there might be bugs.. either way maddly appreciated m8!

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    Re: Dead Island Riptide Editor

    Already tried it out it seems to be working smoothly

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    Re: Dead Island Riptide Editor

    cool share ^^ thanks

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    Awesome job on the editor Kill_Seth thanks bro :)
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    Re: Dead Island Riptide Editor

    Sweet Thx 4 This


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