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    Re: Resident Evil Revelations +6 [43430833]

    I already placed Launch_Trainer.xex and Trainer.xex in the "Resident Evil Revelations" game folder with default.xex. I also started the game using Launch_Trainer.xex, but it never worked, since I always get the same error by throwing myself to the original xbox menu saying a message, that the game cannot start and that it will be download again. I have tried it in many ways, but the same error always appears. I have everything updated (dashlaunch, aurora, the resident game, etc.) and the trainer does not work.

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    grin Re: Resident Evil Revelations +6 [43430833]

    Quote Originally Posted by cosmatypk View Post
    Resident Evil Revelations +11 v0.2
    TitleID 43430833 MediaID 09767E37

    1. Inf Health
    2. One Hit Kill
    3. Inf Ammo
    4. No Reload
    5. Inf Herbs
    6. Inf Grenades
    7. Max/Inf BP-Money (9999999)
    8. 0 Damage Taken
    9. 100% Precision
    10. Frozen Timer
    11. Died 0 Times Singleplayer

    1. Download the attached files.
    2. Unzip the files
    3. Drop the Launch_Trainer.xex and Trainer.xex into the "Resident Evil Revelations" game folder with the default.xex
    4. Launch the game using Launch_Trainer.xex
    5. Prompt should popup say "Trainer Loaded!You may now start your game."
    6. You can now start game by God/DVD/Extracted..
    7. Press Start+Back while in the game and follow the on-screen instructions

    Added Trainer Resident Evil Revelations +11 TU1

    Thanks MBRKiNG

    Hey Man Its perfect, but you can refresh God Mode because
    If the Enemies grab's you your Life IS 1% and i Die
    Please Refresh This Cheat!!
    a big hug to MBRiNG!!!

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    Re: Resident Evil Revelations +6 [43430833]

    Sera de grande ajuda meu amigo


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