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Detective, thank goodness you're here! We've got a hot case that just came in and we're stumped.
Here's what we've got so far:
Rockstar has revealed a steady slate of L.A. Noire DLC, coming until late July, that includes four new cases for Cole Phelps to bring his seething congeniality to. (Yep, the previously Best Buy-exclusive Nicholson Electroplating arson case is on the list.) You could buy all the content piecemeal for $20, or you could pre-purchase all of it for $10 with the newly announced Rockstar Pass. After June 14, the price of the pass will increase to $12.

In even better news, two of the cases -- The Naked City and A Slip of the Tongue -- are available today, assuming you have the 360 version. Sadly, trying to access the PS Store on the PS3 version still causes the game to crash, but hopefully the store will be working soon.

If this seemingly smart gambit works as planned, it would give players a reason to keep their copies off of the used game shelves until just before August -- after all, they've already paid for the DLC, right? -- so we'll be interested to see if it plays out that way.
... So, the boys in the lab have been going over it and they can't make heads or t-- whaddya mean it's all laid out there in its entirety, rendering your services pointless? What about a list of all the DLC with prices? ... Oh, right after the break? You don't say.

  • Chicago Lightning Detective Suit (Social Club only) - May 17
  • L.A. Noire Rockstar Pass (limited-time discount price) - May 31 - $10
  • "The Naked City" DLC case - May 31 - $4
  • "A Slip of The Tongue" DLC case - May 31 - $4
  • Broderick Detective Suit and Gun - May 31 - $1
  • Sharpshooter Detective Suit and Gun - May 31 - $2
  • The Badge Pursuit Challenge - May 31 -$2
  • Chicago Piano Machine Gun (free community unlock) - May 31
  • L.A. Noire Rockstar Pass (standard price) - June 14 - $12
  • "Nicholson Electroplating Disaster" DLC case - June 21 - $4
  • "Reefer Madness" DLC case - July 12 - $4