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    Re: Diablo 3 Save Editor V1.0.0.0

    Thanx a lot works fine

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    Re: Diablo 3 Save Editor V1.0.0.0

    Thanks man

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    Re: Diablo 3 Save Editor V1.0.0.0

    Quote Originally Posted by Jappi88 View Post
    thats because your loading the extracted save from the stfs package...

    Let me me ask you this...what for file do u think the tool need to read your values properly ?

    if you look closely , you'l see that the tool displays all hero's, gold, and game preferences...

    *game preferences = pref.dat
    *hero file = ##################.dat (# = rondom hex number)
    *gold = account.dat ...

    What for file are you loading ?! if its is the "d3save" then send it to me so i can take a look at the error...if not then your loading the wrong file.

    To load the proper file do this :
    1)load horizon
    2)goto device explorer and look for your diablo 3 save.

    when you locate your save, do not extract anything from it, infact , extract the whole save instead.
    it should be named "d3save"

    then load that file into the tool, mod and replace back.......

    i can understand where it goes wrong, Horizon display the files as a package (with image and stuff), most people would think that he needs to double click it to see the save, witch is not the case.
    double clicking will only display the stfs package with all its content... and i dont need the content, just the package.
    ahhh, got it going. 1000000 thank you's kind sir. Cant wait to see what else you do with this, that is if i can figure it out lol thanks again.

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    Re: Diablo 3 Save Editor V1.0.0.0

    great work. thanks!.

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    Re: Diablo 3 Save Editor V1.0.0.0

    is it possible to edit a new hero so that it has all acts and difficulties completed?

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    Re: Diablo 3 Save Editor V1.0.0.0

    Excelent Work Jappi, help me to get my last Cheevo

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    Re: Diablo 3 Save Editor V1.0.0.0


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    Re: Diablo 3 Save Editor V1.0.0.0

    I am basically a noob at all this stuff and even i made it happen Thank you guys very much. i did have one small glitch though. i had used this to edit my toons to make them all 60 with just a little bit better than normal stats. it worked. but i noticed that i had not gotten my toons to lvl 10 yet so my hardness lvl was not unlocked..ie: master lv 1-5. so i went back made all toons lvl 9 with 12 points needed for next lvl. i kwent back into the game killed one thing with each toon bringing them to lvl 10 unlocking all the monster lvls. now i once again reloaded the game save back into the editor and was going to make all toons lvl 60. but when i loaded the game save into the editor one of my toons is not showing up. i have checked and rechecked and she is still on the usb save just not showing up on the editor anywhere. i am going to try and play her until a check point then try to do it again other than that this is an awesome tool.

    UPDATE****** The tool works fine i found the reason that my toon was not showing up was the fact that when i made her bak to a lvl 9 she was wearing all lvl 60 gear so tshe was locked out. once i removed all the locked gear and ran to a check point she was viewable once again .. thanx again to all the people who made this wonderful tool.
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