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L.A. Noire, despite a 56 percent drop in sales this past week, remained the top game in the UK, according to Chart-Track's All Formats chart.
With little in the way of competition, Rockstar's crime procedural, which debuted as the UK's fastest-selling new IP two weeks ago, maintained its position atop a list of the usual suspects.

Lego Pirates of the Caribbean caught the trade winds and sailed back into second, while Dirt 3 lost some ground and slipped one spot into third. Sims 3: Generations, the fourth expansion pack for the series and the only game that wasn't previously playing musical chairs in the UK top ten, premiered in tenth.

The only other debut that made it into the Top 40 was the Bethesda published Hunted: The Demon's Forge. Despite receiving (at least in the States) what feels like little promotion, InXile's decent game still managed to come out swinging a sword in 14th place. Check out the full UK top ten after the break.