It's always embarrassing to lose a match in any multiplayer game, but Star Fox 64 3D adds extra visual insult to your ego's injuries -- it captures, right at the moment of your defeat, a photograph of your downtrodden, despairing face. Then it displays it, right alongside the smile of the winner, to solidify your sense of shame.

Star Fox 64 3D is giving a graphical facelift to the game's classic single-player campaign, and its addition of an optional gyroscopic control mode is certainly intriguing. But here at E3, multiplayer was king. Because it was just so satisfying to step up to the demo unit, settle in for a dogfight and shoot show-going strangers in the face.

The inner camera of the 3DS captures a constant video stream of each combatant while you're climbing, diving and barrel-rolling through the sky in Star Fox 64 3D's revamped multiplayer matches, and the image of your face is projected in a hovering square above your Arwing through the duration of each match.

It's a useful addition from a practical standpoint, as you can more easily identify potential targets from a distance -- picking out just who you want to swoop in on and attack with blazing lasers. But it's also a fun little extra for purely frivolous reasons, because it's very entertaining to see looks of worry emerge on your adversaries when you've got them in a target lock, or their delighted laughter when they turn the tables on you and shoot you out of the sky instead.

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