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CryEngine will support Wii U development, Crytek has announced.

Speaking in an interview with Develop, CEO Cevat Yerli confirmed that "Crytek's support for Wii U is definitely going to happen."

"We aren't showing it but we are pretty much running it already," he added.

On top of that, Yerli explained that Crytek is also looking to bring its engine - which powers its Crysis FPS franchise - to a range of other new platforms.

"We are expanding in many ways, and some of that is more announced than others. Kinect is major driver for future platforms as well, so Kinect support is important. Having basic Kinect support in the CryEngine is one thing, but I'm talking about really supporting it deeply. CryEngine is going to have deep support''.

"Then there are other efforts towards supporting mobile and tablets, which we can only say we are working on. How far we have gone and what we mean is something I can't say more about now."

It's the second big-name engine confirmed to run on Nintendo's new machine, following sightings of Unreal Engine 3-powered titles such as Batman: Arkham City in Nintendo's E3 conference last week.