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As promised, video rental kiosk outfit Redbox is expanding its operation to include other things that appear on optical discs, beginning tomorrow.
It's a simple idea, we know, but considering the market GameFly has been able to build up with its over-the-mail service, ala Netflix, we're surprised it took Redbox this long to leverage its omnipresent kiosk army to dispense something besides movies.

Unlike GameFly, selection will be limited to what actually fits inside a 'box. Tomorrow's selection spans all three home console platforms and will include major new releases like Duke Nukem Forever, LA Noire, Red Faction: Armageddon, and Infamous 2, while also including some notable evergreens, like Call of Duty: Black Ops and Just Dance 2. Game rentals will run $2 each day, compared to $1 a day for DVDs, $1.50 a day for Blu-ray discs, and $10 a day for Laserdiscs.