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Wii U no threat to Sony
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    Wii U no threat to Sony

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    "If you're looking at high def gaming, that was 2006 for us,"
    said SCEA boss Jack Tretton, who reckons Nintendo's Wii U unveiling revealed nothing that spurs Sony into thinking it needs to release a PlayStation 4.

    Speaking with Forbes on new hardware, Tretton said, "I think there's ground to be carved out for everybody. But I didn't see anything about Nintendo's announcement that said 'Oh, we'd better get working on rolling out a new PlayStation here pretty soon.'"

    He went on: "Our attitude is kind of 'welcome to the party.' If you're looking at being a multimedia entertainment device, if you're looking at high def gaming, that was 2006 for us."

    Besides that, Tretton explains that the PS3 has just started and that an evolutionary jump would, at this moment, be of minimal benefit. "PlayStation 3 is really just hitting its stride. And technologically, I don't think it's possible to provide any advancement beyond what we have," he said.

    "What we've seen from the competition is trying to add features that already exist in PlayStation 3. We invested heavily in that, we rolled a very heavy rock up a steep hill, through the launch period. But now I think that all pays off, and we've got a long run way behind it. So, I wouldn't look for any discussion of a next generation PlayStation for quite some time."

    The Wii U is Nintendo's next console, headlining with HD 1080p visuals and a controller equipped with a touch screen. Although Sony has said that the Wii U controller screen concept could be replicated with the PS3 and PlayStation Vita (the next-gen PSP).

    Crytek has this weekend denied a rumour claiming it had begun development on next-gen hardware, saying its focus remains on current tech.

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    Re: Wii U no threat to Sony

    If only being able to aquire only 1 tablet for the WiiU is a truth, and the Playstation Vita can replicate the tablet; I say they do so. Not just say it could be replicated, but do it. The games should be coded that if someone is using a Vita, then that's where the HUD goes. Nintendo still has momentum from the Wii and could very easily become a roll tide and overtake Sony. It would take a lot of restructuring on the online front for Nintendo if it ever looked to topple 360; That and the 360 has Kinect (which currently has little to no good titles), which has the potential to top anything WiiU can do. If anyone should be rolling out a new console short of Nintendo, it should be Microsoft, the Kinect is more advanced than what the console can handle. So I assume the next 360 will be built around Kinect to make full use of it's capabilities.



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