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    Re: Changing the Game Version in a Save File

    did you change the ids?? there is another trick it may work for DS but i have yet to try it so make a capoy of your save!!!! in horizon open the new file and click on contents and see if it has the save.dat tehn open the older save and extract the save.dat and insert it into the new file rehash/resign save to device..

    note i have not tried this with dark souls so the above info may not help you..

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    Re: Changing the Game Version in a Save File

    I changed the IDs. I rehashed and resigned. I signed in and loaded it from the USB drive, and it says:

    "Save file version differs from game version.
    Sign in to Xbox LIVE to download update.
    Closing game."

    Same thing when I move them both to the Hard Drive.

    I tried your solution, reapermech, but it's not working. When I look at contents I see 11 USER_DATA files. I tried extracting them from the save I'm trying to recover and injecting/replacing them into a newly created save file, but it says "STFS: Invalid number of free blocks detected while allocating blocks" once I hit the third file.

    I just don't understand why it downloaded the old version of the game. If any of you have played Dark Souls, you know when you go to level up and it says "Req Souls: 768" or whatever? Well the old version doesn't tell you how many you need, until you already have enough and put the point in. That's the first major difference I've noticed between the copy I have now and the one I had before. I've heard that the Games with Gold version is completely unpatched, but this is the Games on Demand version, and it definitely updated itself when I downloaded it on her Xbox. Not so on my Xbox. The biggest difference between our consoles is that she had HD and I do not. So why would it have downloaded the older version like that? I'd love to figure out how to get the new version back, but at the very least I just want to recover my saved game.
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