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BioWare/EA got hacked...
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    BioWare/EA got hacked...

    I received this email from BioWare/EA:
    We recently learned that hackers gained unauthorized access to the decade-old BioWare server system supporting the Neverwinter Nights forums. We immediately took appropriate steps to protect our consumers’ data and launched a thorough ongoing evaluation of the breach. We have determined that no credit card data was compromised from the servers, nor did we ever have or store sensitive data like social security numbers. Our investigation shows that information such as user names, encrypted passwords, email addresses, mailing addresses, names, phone numbers, CD keys and birth dates from these forum accounts on the system may have been compromised, as well as other information (if any) that you may have associated with your EA Account. In an abundance of caution, we have changed your password to ensure account security. Please visit this (link removed) to reset your password immediately.

    If your link has expired, click here to generate a new email.

    We take the security of your information very seriously and regret any inconvenience this may have caused you. If your username, email address and/or password on your EA account are similar to those you use on other sites, we recommend changing the password at those sites as well. We advise all of our fans to always be aware of any suspicious emails or account activity and report any suspicious emails and account activity to Customer Support at 1-877-357-6007.

    If you have questions, please visit our FAQ at http://support.ea.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/5367/ or contact Customer Support at the phone number above.

    Aaryn Flynn
    Studio GM, BioWare Edmonton
    VP, Electronic Arts

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    Re: BioWare/EA got hacked...

    Honestly all this stuff is just childish why would some want to hack EAs server just to get a little bit of information

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    Re: BioWare/EA got hacked...

    Quote Originally Posted by Original Boss View Post
    Honestly all this stuff is just childish why would some want to hack EAs server just to get a little bit of information
    I don't think it has much to do with the information. I think EA got hacked for reasons similar to those involving the recent PS3 shebang. EA has gotten to the point where they can do just about anything they want and get way with it (their recent "Online Pass" policy that makes you pay extra to get online if you bought your game used is a great example) and their actions really aren't sitting well with a lot of people. The fact alone that EA has been making money by buying out as many small developers as they can is making people angry. They're at the point now where simply raising boycott movements won't work; they produce so many of the popular games (Assassin's Creed, Dragon Age, Dead Space, almost every sports game, etc) that losing a few thousand people is just a drop in the bucket for them. And that's why I think they got hacked; they're too far out to be reached with normal methods, so the only way to make your voice heard is to use more drastic methods. That's my theory, anyways.
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    Re: BioWare/EA got hacked...

    I got that same mail a few days ago too. They force you to change your password just to be safe. Hope none of my info was part of the stolen data. This is why you should always update your security.



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