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Swery65, the director of last year's Deadly Premonition, has taken to the Internet in a new blog posting asking for support for a brand new title.
He says that his team at Access Games is itching to start a new project, but game design takes more than just dreams and ideas -- apparently it takes time and money as well. And since time is money, he basically just needs money.

"I want to make a new game," he wrote. "As much as I want, but that alone is not enough to start the process. Would anyone be ready to invest in us?" Swery doesn't say anything about what kind of game he plans to make, but does promise that he'll "work until it kills me," and that the team will definitely "make something good."

Any big-time investors out there willing to call his bluff? It seems like, despite the mixed reception for Deadly Premonition around the world, Swery shouldn't have too much trouble finding a publisher sooner or later. Even if not, there's always Kickstarter, right?