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Nothing says "America" like apple pie, Elvis and vintage zombie hordes, straight out of the Golden 1950s.
Dead Block, a suburban-zombie tower-defense title from Candygun Games, is hitting XBLA July 6, according to publisher Digital Reality. We first saw this date reported over the weekend at XBLA Fans; the only problem is, Xbox Live's Major Nelson told us, "It's not on the list that I have." Remember, kids, Xbox Live Marketplace release dates are never official until Microsoft releases them!

... but we're not sure about PlayStation Network, which Digital Reality says is scheduled to get its dose of Dead Block on July 20. Regardless of release dates, the cute-yet-crude take on the undead genre will be marked at 800 Microsoft Points on Xbox 360 and the equivalent $10 on PSN.

If you're still curious about the game, we've got a trailer for you after the break, but here's the meat of it: Zombies are created from the hip vibrations of mid-century rock 'n' roll and are slaughtered by Jack the construction worker, Foxy the traffic warden or Mike, the fat boy scout from Up.