Alright. I've been at this shit for the last 3 fucking hours and I'm full blown irritated. The people who made the tutorials on Youtube are vague as fucking hell and don't give 100% information when asked. So I'm asking here and I will bump this thread as many times as it takes to get my questions answered. So answer quickly and properly and I won't have any issues with what I need done.

1. I picked up a copy of Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix, I am playing BIRTH BY SLEEP right now.
2. I already beat the game on PSP, so I want to have a little fun modding it on my PS3.
3. I downloaded
4. I opened up my own save in BSD and added my profile.
5. I am trying to modify Aqua's save file from my own profile or use an already modded one.
6. I followed this video
Up until the point of where he automatically gets his hash key. Now mind you our hash keys are different. His is for Kingdom Hearts 2 FM. Mine is for Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, Final Mix So I found out my hash key for Birth By Sleep and used it. Unlike his, mine didn't come up automatically. So what the fuck is the problem here? I followed his instructions to the teeth.

I then followed this vague as video's instructions at the bottom. Got corrupted save data.

So I'm at an impasse and I'm pretty fucking pissed. I've wasted a few hours doing this all for "Corrupted Data."