Unlock The Taken King Collector’s Edition Emblem For Free - PS3 Trophies Forum

The code is 3VF-LGC-RLX and can be redeemed HERE. The emblem can’t be used until The Taken King launches on Tuesday but you can unlock it right now.

Here is when The Taken King unlocks for different regions:

Time Zone Day Time
British Summer Time BST Sept 15 10:00 AM

Eastern Daylight Time, US EDT Sept 15 05:00 AM

Central Daylight Time, US CDT Sept 15 04:00 AM

Pacific Daylight Time, US PDT Sept 15 02:00 AM

Australian Eastern Standard Time AEST Sept 15 19:00 PM

Australian Western Standard Time AWST Sept 15 17:00 PM

Japan Standard Time JST Sept 17 11:00 AM – 13:00 PM