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Final Fantasy 13 L'Cie Paragon Plus 5 Other Trophies Save Set PAL
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    Final Fantasy 13 L'Cie Paragon Plus 5 Other Trophies Save Set PAL

    Here i have a small save set of 6 trophies from Final Fantasy 13. These trophies are all later trophies. The characters in each save a set up so that you will have no problems getting the trophies.
    This means you will not need to change members or equipment. There are instructions in each folder,follow the simply instructions and you will have no problem.

    Trophies You Get Are
    L'Cie Paragon
    Gaulf's Grail
    Adamant Will
    Instrument Of Change
    Treasure Hunter

    FF 13: 6 Trophy Save Set
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