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Skyrim: Can't join the Dark Brotherhood no matter what i do. any advice?
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    Thirst Skyrim: Can't join the Dark Brotherhood no matter what i do. any advice?

    Ok, this is seriously starting to piss me off, for some fucked up reason the game just refuses to activate the Dark Brotherhood questline,
    everytime i kill Greland after talking to the little guy the same thing happens, i sleep, no cutscene, Astrid doesn't show up, ever! then the game just goes about as if nothing
    ever happened, i've tried EVERYTHING!!! killing the old hag before visiting little dude, waiting on the note that says "we know" before sleeping, i even tried sleeping in nearly
    every possible location on the game, still nothing! no Astrid, no Dark Brotherhood, this BS started after i bought the Dragonborn dlc last year, before then all i ever needed
    to do in order to start the Dark Brotherhood questline was murder the old bitch in the orphanage and sleep = instant cutscene with Astrid, it wouldn't bother me so much say for that there are lots of really cool items that you can ONLY GET FROM THE DARK BROTHERHOOD.
    has anyone else had this happen on the game? and is there any possible way to fix it? any advice would be worth a try at this point cause i've googled the problem and found no help, uninstalled/reinstalled Dragonborn dlc,
    started new games, cleared out the system cache, anything and everything, nothing seems to fix this problem.

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    Re: Skyrim: Can't join the Dark Brotherhood no matter what i do. any advice?

    Quote Originally Posted by DaJoe86
    If you killed the woman at the Riften orphanage, as per the quest for Aventus Arentino, then you usually have to wait approximately 3 days for the letter to arrive.
    If it's been more than three days, try standing in a secure location where a courier can reach you, like a Hold Capitol, and wait (not the select version, literally waiting, go make a sandwich, surf the internet, give him time to reach you).

    Don't go too far from the game, as this is one of the few courier deliveries that has dialogue options, though I think you receive the Mysterious Note before the dialogue options.
    If you wait for more than the time it take to make and enjoy your sandwich, and you still don't see the courier, check your inventory under books to make sure you didn't just miss the courier's delivery

    Again, you're looking for the "Mysterious Note". If you have it, just sleep in a secure location (preferably an inn). If not, try sleeping at an inn anyways.
    If it doesn't happen, congratulations! Either the Brptherhood doesn't want you or, more likely, your game is glitched, and chances are the only way to fix it is to nix this game and start a new one. Sorry if I didn't help, I know you said you've done this questline before, but sometimes people just forget the steps.
    source: Possible Dark Brotherhood glitch? - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Answers for PlayStation 3 - GameFAQs

    Quote Originally Posted by copperdog4
    You need to wait for the courier to deliver a letter saying "we know" when you get that hit up your nearest bed. When she asks you to kill someone kill whoever you want. I killed more than one myself
    source: https://answers.yahoo.com/question/i...4123810AAWFynC

    Quote Originally Posted by yessenia hermosillo
    If you sleep in a inn outside a main a city. The dark brotherhood takes you to a abandon shack where you wake up. No courier needed.

    I only slept for an hr and they took me.
    souce: Can't Join the Dark Brotherhood (spoilers) : V - Skyrim
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    Re: Skyrim: Can't join the Dark Brotherhood no matter what i do. any advice?

    yeah unfortunately i tried all this, was some of the first stuff i tried actually, it changed nothing.



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