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Diablo- RoS I have softcore/hardcore modded gear
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    Diablo- RoS I have softcore/hardcore modded gear

    If you still play and are looking for gear send me an Invite, and a message letting me know you are from here. GAMERTAG:smurfsn1p3r4eva

    MAIL EXPLOIT:if you want to mail someone something but don't have time to dupe follow these instructions.

    1.select the person you want to send the mail to.
    2.select ONLY ONE item and add it to mail.
    3.when it ask for confirmation hit A, then quickl y hit Back(select button)

    SOFTCORE(If you have these items in hardcore i would appreciate if you could mail me some)

    Russian fast sword(thanks to Chaoticdragon)
    Russian fast Crossbow(1.8BILLION Xp per kill) DO NOT REMOVE GEMS, the gems will not work on Fast sword.
    Simplicity gem with 1billion+% damage
    Sherman Signet attack(1hit kill enemies when near them)
    Hallowed Restraint of the Heavens(insane health regen, and impenetrable shield so you never die)

    Non modded gear for every class(best gear for 2.3)
    Morticks Brace


    Angelic wings(1561 Damage, 966 VIT, 18%LIFE, 561 Armor)
    Wings of Valor(red Wings)
    Blade Wings(undead bone wings)
    Talons 3 sockets(infinite revives. No more fearing death in Hardcore)
    Ring of grandeur socets(18%HOLY DMG, 1034 STR, 17% Attack Speed, 193% CHD, 9.5% CHC)
    level 100 esoteric altercation(60% non physical damage reduction)
    level 96 Molten wildebeest's Gizzard(regen 106k Health)
    level 35 gems of eas(for quick level 1 gear, and character level)

    Non modded gear
    Mortick's Brace

    EDIT: forgot to add gamertag sorry.
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    Re: Diablo- RoS I have softcore/hardcore modded gear

    hey do you have modded stacks of crafting matts and gems?
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    Re: Diablo- RoS I have softcore/hardcore modded gear

    Is it still possible to get this gear?



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