So I've been trying to mod my gamesave, and everything I wanted has been successfull, except for some reason the entire console will freeze when I try and access the shops.

It doesn't matter what cheats I use, the shops just refused to work.

So I want to try someone elses gamesave that's been modded. Or if someone can just make one specifically for me and verify that they can get it to work. Hell, I'll even upload my own, unmodded gamesave if they want to figure it out.

If not, I'm not THAT far in the game, but all I want is Max Consumables, Max Food, and Max Materials, but somehow, whatever I'm doing, doesn't want to work right. It's not that I don't get those items, it's that whenever I try and access the shops the entire PS3 freezes.

So yeah, help me, please.