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[ Help ] Need game save uploaded but dont have the disk!
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    [ Help ] Need game save uploaded but dont have the disk!

    first off I apologize if this is in the wrong location to post this, but I need help with uploading a save meant for the 360 but need it on my xbox one but I don't have the disk. the game I'm trying to use the modded save for is Dragon Age: Inquisition. I would like the modded save I downloaded from here to be played on my 360, so my question is. is there a trusted mod/admin here who will login to my profile who has the game for 360 and upload the save I have on the cloud to my ea server account? idk what the actual modded save is but id like to restart my game with a maxed level, gold, and whatever else is on the mod. obviously I wouldn't give my account out to anyone so that why I'm asking for a trusted source, ive been on this site for years so that's the only reason why I'm considering this is because I believe this site can be trusted. so again, if there is a trusted mod/admin who has dragon age inquisition for the 360 can do this for me id greatly appreciate it. again, I apologize if this isn't the place to post/ask this, so if it needs to be moved please do so.

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    Re: [ Help ] Need game save uploaded but dont have the disk!

    umm , cant you just use your 360 and upload the save to the xbox cloud and sync from there ?
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