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Xbox ban
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Thread: Xbox ban

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    Xbox ban

    Hi guys.
    Xbox live can banned me if i mod the save game of a single player games, where i play alone, no co op, like Resident Evil 4 HD, Resident evil 5, Farcray 3, Halo anniversary. I'll play the games normally and i'll mod for have infinite health, ammo or money in a single player, but not for play on-line.
    Is better play a games with modded save, with xbox gamertag profile logged on line or not? Thanks for your answers.
    I've got no modded Xbox 360, and live gold.

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    Re: Xbox ban

    Offline you should be ok, but there is always a risk of a ban. Just use a dummy account to be safe
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    Re: Xbox ban

    No, there is no risk of getting banned for using a modded save nor modding your own save as long you mod saves for games that have no multiplayer options such as halo, call of duty, battlefield, gta5, etc. Ofcourse you can play those games with a modded save or trainer but make sure you don't connect to xbox live :p
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    Re: Xbox ban

    @ Thumbs
    @ Sephiroth

    Thank you guys, for your answers.

    For right understand, i'm safe to ban with modded save game, only if i play off line (no internet connection, only gamertag log off line), single player games.
    So, when i'll take all cheevos game, i erase the modded save, and i can returned safe to play on line, with gold account, or there is a risk to left a track for ban.



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