Hello fellow gamers/cheaters.

There are many saves with maximum amount of military ammo, but that failed to pop the achievement for me. I used the starter save to finish the entire game, but Walking Bank achievement never popped. I have even tried to lower my amount under 1000 and then sell stuff to get over 1000 again, no luck.

I bring to you a save file with 999 ammo rounds. Thanks for AhmadReza for his modding tutorial, he made this happen. http://www.360haven.com/forums/showt...light%20editor

Just shoot the enemies in front of you and loot their ammo, achievement unlocked.

During the modding phase, I was only able to get save working with Modio v3. v5 corrupted my save for som999 rounds.zipe reason. If you encounter this issue, try Modio v3.