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    Re: [TuT]RE:Code Veronica X HeX Edit GameSave

    Quote Originally Posted by mbrking View Post
    will upload today two new modded saves

    1. a new startsave wich has 2 magnums and two mixed herbs (green,blue,red) all items with an infinite sign. (Magnum is a 1hit kill weapon)

    2. and everybody will love the next save modded time zero saves (last savepoint in the game on normal to get the launcher chevo (rank (s) save, beat the game under 4h30min)

    edit: new save uploaded check

    Thanks a lot!!! Would you mind telling us how to mod the save count?

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    Re: [TuT]RE:Code Veronica X HeX Edit GameSave

    Quote Originally Posted by mbrking View Post
    if u want i can help u over teamviewer
    I know i am new, but would you mind helping me through teamviewer if you have time please?

    I search for the strings in hex hxd and edit them but my inventory never changes so i'm doing something wrong....

    I wouldn't really ask apart from i am now playing as Chris and i left the Fire Extinguisher in the security metal detector when playing as claire and now i need it to retrieve the serum or at least put the serum in my inventory...so any help would be appreciated as you can understand i am now at a brick wall as to progressing any further with my inability to walk through fire :(


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