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Skyrim GOD save
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Thread: Skyrim GOD save

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    Shout 2 Skyrim GOD save

    Let me know if it's buggy or not working properly, I'll go and try and fix it.

    It should have the following -

    -100000+ Health/Magicka/Stamina/Melee Damage/Carrying Weight.

    -All spells including extras. You will still need Dragon souls for shouts.

    -Run/Walk speed 120% (Not to fast, not to slow.)

    -Level 1 with no experience at all.

    -Wearing full Daedric armor with a katana.

    -Tons of unique weapons and apparel along with 999999 arrows.

    -You start off after running from the Dragon, killing the first imperials and just about to head through your first door.

    -Character is male, and named Hero of 360Haven. As I didn't know what else to name it xD.

    -Max Gold/Lock picks.

    -TONS of ingots and other items. I mean literally, TONS. :D (Daedra hearts x999 etc.)


    Phew, that was long, have fun! Post all problems. Don't ask me to mod saves as there is " http://www.360haven.com/forums/showt...Request-Thread. " Thanks :)

    Edit: As well, I do not own the 360 version so any and all problems should be posted, thank you :)`

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    Re: Skyrim GOD save

    Should stick with prisoner lol
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    Re: Skyrim GOD save

    I should have but meh, I'll change it if people complain xD Just thought might as well encase other people post it on other sites, they're stuck with this sites name :D

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    Re: Skyrim GOD save

    Thank you very much... I tried it, works perfectly fine

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    Re: Skyrim GOD save

    not bad although my gold reads -2047483602 , no gold at all and when i sell something , gold is still negative in the billions

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    Re: Skyrim GOD save

    Where can i get the title update and also when i get it how do i add it to the save

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    Re: Skyrim GOD save

    MediaFire link doesn't work :/

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    Re: Skyrim GOD save

    great job thank you


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