Hi! I'm not really sure if this is where I should be placing this post, but i'm trying to mod this game save, since I don't feel like leveling up *again* (i've already played through the game once, and i'm wanting to play through the game again before 13-2 comes out)so, I tried using the save editor by genesis. I didn't have any issues editing, but my
game comes to a point where it just freezes up.

My party always consists of lightning, fang, and hope. I'm in chapter 10, right before the bahamut eidolon battle. My party is always okay up until the cutscene, and then sometimes I can get through the cutscene and battle, and make it to vallis media, but then usually my game freezes during the first battle.

I think the problem is with Fang. Do I need to specify the amount of ATB gauges on the editor? I'm not really sure what to do... i'll attach the game files for you
(both modded and original)



Thanks <3