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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Save Hacking - Items
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    Final Fantasy XIII-2 Save Hacking - Items

    I figured while Echelo and Genesis work out the finishing touches on their save editor, that I'd post the details of the hacks I've done to add items for people like me who are impatient and not afraid to use a hex editor.

    Tools you will need:

    Modio 4 beta (not 3, unless you want to deal with it corrupting your saves randomly)
    Jappi88's FFXIII-2 Save Editor (for APP.DAT decrypting/encrypting)
    A good hex editor (I use the wonderful free tool, HxD).

    BACK UP YOUR SAVE BEFORE EDITING! Its easy to end up with a corrupted save. Save yourself a headache and back up the save so you can restore if things break.
    When loading the save, I advise highly saving again to a brand new save file and deleting your hacked save. This is due to the way the game handles saves. I've had problems with corrupted saves when I first started using Modio 3, and I also had a major headache when I first used Jappi's tool. I was able to load the save, but it couldn't save again over that save. In this particular case, it would fail silently. I couldn't figure out why I had cutscenes playing all over again when going from Historia Crux back into an area. And when I reset the game and tried to reload after playing for a few hours, I found myself with the original save I had hacked with all that time lost. I haven't had any problems since I started using Modio 4, but I would still recommend saving to a new save and deleting, since the game does not rewrite your entire save file when saving over an old file. So if the APP.DAT is loadable, but something else in the save is corrupted, it fails when it tries to save. Saving to a new file forces the game to rewrite everything.

    1) Copy your save from your 360, either through USB, or FTP. You will find it in /Hdd1/Content/<Profile ID>/53510806/00000001
    2) Open the Save in Modio 4. Right click on APP.DAT on the bottom and save the file.
    3) open up the Save editor. Click on Tools-> Encryption -> Decrypt APP.DAT. Select your APP.DAT (be sure not to decrypt an already decrypted APP.DAT, or encrypt an already-encrypted one, I don't think the tool checks to see if it has been done already).
    4) Open the APP.DAT in your hex editor. If you see semi-readable text on the bottom below the editor, you are golden. If you see jibberish on the bottom below the header, you didn't decrypt right.
    5) Go to address 0x4A358. This should start regular items. Don't touch the number at 0x4A357, it won't be zero, but its not something we want to change. This goes the same for the other item sections.

    Each item in the list is 18 bytes long. It starts with an ASCII identifier, and ends with a hex value for the number of that item you have, separated by zeroes. For example, potion is it_potion, and the hex you will see for it is "69 74 5F 70 6F 74 69 6F 6E 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 63". In this case, I have 0x63 of that item, or 99.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	XIII-2-HxD.png 
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Size:	76.8 KB 
ID:	5328

    You CAN edit the number of items to be above 99, however the first time you get another of that item in battle, it will reset to 99. This is still desireable for batch levelling monsters. If you do this, and the number of items is more than 255, you use the last two bytes of the item, so there will be one less set of zeroes. This shows up in the above image for the last two items.

    You can edit items in a few ways.
    1) Change the quantity only. Change the last one (or two) bytes to the desired number. (The easiest method)
    2) Add items to the end of the list. Make sure to start on the EXACT next byte after the number of the last item you have in that section.
    3) Switch an undesireable item for one you want. Zero out the data on the left side/hex for that item, and rewrite the proper identifier in ascii on the right. Change the quantity, if desired.
    4) If you're changing the list a lot, it may be easier to just make a list of only the items you want, and rewrite that section completely.

    When you are done with the changes:

    1) Save the file
    2) Go back to the Save Editor, Tools -> Encryption -> Encrypt APP.DAT
    3) Go back to Modio. Right-click on the file list on the bottom, select "Add File", select your APP.DAT, and select Yes when it asks you to overwrite the existing file in your save.
    4) Copy your save back to your HD through usb or FTP.

    Note about Accessories and Weapons: These don't have quantities, since multiples get their own listing. The quantity in the internal list is 0. These lists also lack the number that starts before the other lists, so you should have zeroed data up until these lists begin.

    Item list start points (at least in my save);

    Normal Items: 0x4A358
    Components: 0x4CD94
    Specialty Items: 0x524D4
    Monster Materials: 0x527D8
    Accessories: 0x59540
    Weapons: 0x5AAE8

    Here's a list of the item identifiers I have. This is merely those items that I personally wanted, feel free to add those you find.
    Note: I'm not going to list identifiers for weapons and accessories. The internal lists for these are organized independent from what you see in the game. The list you see gets moved about as you equip items, and as you buy and sell, but the game never closes gaps on these lists when you rearrange the lists and just fills the gaps as items are added, making it a pain to confirm what items are which. I can say that accessories follow the format "acc_xxx_yyy" (like acc_000_000, which is probably the Iron Bangle). Weapons follow the format "wea_noe_xxx" and "wea_ser_xxx" (numbers for which start at 001 and end at ~029).

    Normal Items

    Potion: it_potion
    Phoenix Down: it_phenxtal
    Wound Potion: it_hpotion
    Remedy: it_universal
    Librascope: it_libra
    Antidote: it_antidote
    Holy Water: it_holywater
    Wax: it_wax
    Painkiller: it_sedative
    Mallet: it_tonkati
    Unicorn Horn: it_unico
    Phoenix Blood: it_phenxbl
    Elixir: it_elixir


    Shattered Bone: material_m004
    Moistened Scale: material_m009
    Abyssal Scale: material_m011
    Iron Shell: material_m014
    Monstrous Fang: material_m019
    Sinister Fang: material_m020
    Scaled Wing: material_m022
    Abominable Wing: material_m023
    Molted Tail: material_m025
    Thickened Hide: material_m030
    Fractured Horn: material_m049
    Chocobo Plume: material_m061
    Chocobo Tail Feather: material_m062
    Enigmatic Fluid: material_m054
    Transparent Ooze: material_m047
    Sunpetal: material_m067
    Moonblossom Seed: material_m074
    Starblossom Seed: material_m075
    Succulent Fruit: material_m072
    Pot Shard: material_m077
    Fractal Pot: material_m078
    Analog Circuit: material_j014
    Radial Bearing: material_j020
    Thrust Bearing: material_j021
    Cieth Tear: material_m057
    Tear of Remors material_m059
    Tear of Woe: material_m060
    Superconductor: material_j042
    Millerite: material_o000
    Rhodochrosite: material_o001
    Cobaltite: material_o002
    Scarletite: material_o006
    Adamantite: material_o007
    Dark Matter: material_o008
    Trapezohedron: material_o009
    Gold Nugget: material_o011
    Mutant Extract: material_b005

    Specialty Items

    Gysahl Greens: cc_gysahl
    Casino Ticket: cs_chip_00
    Gold Casino Ticket: cs_chip_01
    Plat. Casino Ticket: cs_chip_02
    Shuffle: cs_race_00
    Shuffle (Common): cs_race_01
    Shuffle (Graded): cs_race_02
    Chocoboost: cs_cond_00
    Chocobull: cs_cond_01

    Monster Materials

    Potent Droplet: material_a000
    Potent Sliver: material_a001
    Potent Orb: material_a002
    Potent Essence: material_a003
    Potent Crystal: material_a004
    Potent Bolt: material_a035
    Potent Chip: material_a036
    Potent Engine: material_a037
    Potent Booster: material_a038
    Potent Generator: material_a039
    Power Droplet: material_a005
    Power Sliver: material_a006
    Power Orb: material_a007
    Power Essence: material_a008
    Power Crystal: material_a009
    Power Bolt: material_a020
    Power Chip: material_a021
    Power Engine: material_a022
    Power Booster: material_a023
    Power Generator: material_a024
    Mana Droplet: material_a010
    Mana Sliver: material_a011
    Mana Orb: material_a012
    Mana Essence: material_a013
    Mana Crystal: material_a014
    Mana Bolt: material_a025
    Mana Chip: material_a026
    Mana Engine: material_a027
    Mana Booster: material_a028
    Mana Generator: material_a029
    Vitality Droplet: material_a015
    Vitality Sliver: material_a016
    Vitality Orb: material_a017
    Vitality Essence: material_a018
    Vitality Crystal: material_a019
    Vitality Bolt: material_a030
    Vitality Chip: material_a031
    Vitality Engine: material_a032
    Vitality Booster: material_a033
    Vitality Generator: material_a034

    Note: Bestiary info is recorded in 0x58242-0x58A84. Each entry is 9 bytes long. Writing FF to every entry here will complete your bestiary and let you complete the Monster Bestiary mission (just tested and confirmed this myself). Accessory Capacity is at 0x343E2 and 0x36D82. Two byte values won't work here, so the highest you can set this is 255(FF).
    Last edited by MadCabbit; 02-06-2012 at 02:18 AM. Reason: Added bestiary, accessory, weapon, and acc capacity info

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    Re: Final Fantasy XIII-2 Save Hacking - Items

    this will definitely help people, great share MadCabbit :)
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    Re: Final Fantasy XIII-2 Save Hacking - Items

    Also, if you're adding items, I recommend Phoenix Blood over Phoenix Tail. It works the same, AND Hastes the person it revives.

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    Re: Final Fantasy XIII-2 Save Hacking - Items

    amazing info thank you for the post

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    Re: Final Fantasy XIII-2 Save Hacking - Items

    Will prob be implemented into Japnub's editor soon. Nice post dude.
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    Re: Final Fantasy XIII-2 Save Hacking - Items

    Thanks for the info.

    I tried to increase Libras from 1 to 99, but it seems to have corrupted the Save. Haven't changed anything else :/ Not sure what I'm doing wrong, I followed your instructions to the dot.

    Silly question - Do we have to rehash and resign it again, since you didn't list that step? Did you use Modio 4 for this as well?
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    Re: Final Fantasy XIII-2 Save Hacking - Items

    Just make sure you re-encrypt the app.dat, you don't need to rehash/resign. Try restoring from the backup and try again. Also depends on the hex editor you use, too. I was using Hexecute first, but I had problems with that (including one time writing a paste over the header at the beginning without me noticing it). HxD works a lot better for me. Just be careful, save editing is unforgiving, any little change done wrong will blow up in your face.

    Work in the hex field whenever possible, since multiple hex values can have the same appearance in ASCII. If worse comes to worse, cherry pick which items you want and recreate it afte zeroing out the original. I did this by skipping a few lines down and using that for a temp area, carefully creating a list with the right ids, the right number of zeros, and the proper value to make each entry 18 bytes, and when I had the whole list, I copied it (including a couple rows of zeroes after it, clicked on the first byte of the item list (making sure not to change the previous number at all like I said before), and pasted over it, then zeroed over anything that remained in the old list, and the temp area I copied from.

    At first, I got a lot of corrupted saves, too, since I was just getting the hang of it, and also dealing with tools that weren't working right. Once I started using Modio 4 and UxD, I had gotten used to making several edits, so I haven't had a problem since. Practice makes perfect.

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    Re: Final Fantasy XIII-2 Save Hacking - Items

    Good Stuff Thanks


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