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Dungeon Defenders: Freezing when selecting storage device
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    Dungeon Defenders: Freezing when selecting storage device

    So I have ran into some problems trying to mod Dungeon Defenders. I've seen the TUTs on youtube and read Idlehands post and even have the HBK file for hexing. I changed about 30 items mostly weapons and a few pets and armor. I compressed my file and saved over the old one using Modio & Horizon(tried both), rehashed, and saved to device. When I start up the game and select storage device it freezes, what do I do? I have looked every where to see what the problem is, but i can find people having the same problem, it's just no one has said the solution. So what do I do to fix the whole freezing at the main screen when selecting storage device?

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    Re: Dungeon Defenders: Freezing when selecting storage device

    the reason for this is becouse you are doing something wronf with your modding mybe using old hex codes or typing them in wrong if you have xbox tell me your gamertag and i will help you

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    Re: Dungeon Defenders: Freezing when selecting storage device

    also if theirs a limit in vaule u might be goin over he amount that the game can handle..happens alot..

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    Re: Dungeon Defenders: Freezing when selecting storage device

    This was my first mod attempt and I later realized that I was screwing it all up..Everything is all good now and ty for the help

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    Re: Dungeon Defenders: Freezing when selecting storage device

    When this occurs you could either A. Delete your DunDefSave or B. try to go back and fix your original codes i ran into the same problem and when i deleted the save it worked. For more info my gamer tag on live is TMG Sebastian i could help you mod and such also check out Eternia Crystal modding program 1.5 on here which was made by Sam its alot easier than hex and compresses and decompresses also mods the item for you.

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    Re: Dungeon Defenders: Freezing when selecting storage device

    You are going to want to move everything onto your computer and Xbox and then restore your USB to factory settings .
    It is most likely something on your USB that is not allowing your USB to comprehend with your computer .
    If you would like to learn more please feel free to add me .
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