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[HELP!]Homefront GPD
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    Fire [HELP!]Homefront GPD

    Hello all. In my infinite quest for getting a Homefront GPD for my online achievement, my friend happily gave me his. Now, my main issue is, I CAN NOT get it to work! I followed the old way of getting it to work (inject the GPD into your account, log in offline, change the armory, sign back online), but it doesn't work anymore. If I upload it, do you think any of you masters out there could give it a shot at working? Thanks guys. I'll upload when anyone can try or is interested.

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    Re: [HELP!]Homefront GPD

    .gpd mods dont work 100% all the time. You have the same problem for GTA 4 level 10 .gpd modding and more. It usually works if you are a level 0 or 1 and haven't played a match or at least have played one match. I'm Dead By April on Game-tuts and on Modio I posted my home front .gpd on there.

    I get so many hate messages saying it doesnt work or they get banned. But the fact is that gpd modding isn't a Gurrentee 100% that it will work but again it does work best if it's a brand new account/first time playing online to where your not a high rank



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