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XBL GM responds to Live security concerns
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    XBL GM responds to Live security concerns

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    On the occasion of "Safer Internet Day" (what?)
    Xbox Live General Manager Alex Garden posted a letter in response to the ongoing Xbox Live security concerns, including the FIFA hack and Windows Live exploit.

    Garden attributed the problems to social engineering, phishing, keylogging software, and other reasons not endemic to Xbox or Microsoft. "While we here at Xbox have no evidence of a security breach in the Xbox LIVE service," he said, "that is of little comfort to our members whose accounts have been compromised by malicious and illegal attacks."

    He recommended personal security measures to guard against this, including adding additional verification methods to your account "and reducing the amount of personal information shared online or through social networks." Additional proof helps guard your info, he said, and also makes it easier for Microsoft to investigate cases and issue refunds. "We still have a few cases that are taking longer to fully recover and some refunds are still being processed," he said, "but we're making great strides. We hope our customers are experiencing the improvements firsthand."

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    Re: XBL GM responds to Live security concerns

    well glad to know he cares lol, but sounds like to me he thinks its more a user problem than a security breach, which is plausible, i mean a lot of people are dumb enough to put personal information.
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    Re: XBL GM responds to Live security concerns

    wow someone cares

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    Re: XBL GM responds to Live security concerns

    I agree with the fact that most people are just idiots when it comes to being online with personal information, but they could stop something like that image by only allowing the purchase of one of the same thing once a day or even less.

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    horro Re: XBL GM responds to Live security concerns

    Xbox lives needs a revamp on the system. They sold us gammers out for advertisments ,etc. the one place were we relax is over ran by ads n other usless mumbo jumbo.

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    Re: XBL GM responds to Live security concerns

    It's not like he is going to come out at admit they have a huge breach. I'm SURE they are looking into it.
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