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Gametag originals
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    Gametag originals

    Kind of random but I was just wondering how many people have had there original gamertags(xbox and ps3) I've had the same one since I join xboxlive and im they only one on my friends list to do so lol DemonButter for three years now! Not that long I know but how many people have kept to theirs?

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    Re: Gametag originals

    i have also kept the same one since i joined Xbox live, 4 years now, my gamertag is the same name as my name here :)

    Edit: also you spelled Gamertag wrong in the thread name :P
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    Re: Gametag originals

    wow i prolly went through honestly 30 gamertags by now..lol just hate looking at the same name everyday lol

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    Re: Gametag originals

    i've gone through about 3, first one i forgot the password on and made the mistake of faking the e-mail address back when i was young... had that one for 3 years, second one i had for a year till i got annoyed with people not being able to read it right, latest one i've had has lasted 2 months so far and i'm most likely going to keep it for quite a while

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    Re: Gametag originals

    Lol yea I did forgot the r(stupid touchscreen) and wow you beat me lol buddy of mine says he's changed his I think 6 times lol....I thought about changing mine...when I play live people call it demonbooter which is my name here...I always wanna change it but I thought demonbutter was too original to change lol



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