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Kameo +4 Trainer (Inf Health, Inf Runes, Inf Spirit(Stamina), One Hit Kills)
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    Kameo +4 Trainer (Inf Health, Inf Runes, Inf Spirit(Stamina), One Hit Kills)

    Kameo Elements of Power NTSC-U (4D5307D2)

    Kameo: Elements of Power NTSC/U 2007-06-21 E24BE7206C8AE566 4D5307D2 (MS-2002)
    Not tested for PAL yet.

    Version 0.2 - FINAL
    Change Log
    v0.2 - Added inf runes (Coins)
    Final version, no more cheats coming to this one.
    Q: Is the source code available?
    A: No, I don't plan on releasing it as it's fairly simple to accomplish if you're actually willing to learn.

    Q: I keep getting prompted "Invalid PassCode" what do I do?
    A: Turn your controller on and off again, that gives the trainer a notification that it needs to reset it's self.

    Q: The trainer isn't loading what do I do?
    A: Restart your xbox, Insure you're running dashlaunch 2.x... and have launched the trainer via "TDTrainer_Loader.xex" do not try to execute Trainer.xex directly.

    Note: Make sure you don't have the xbdm dashlaunch plugin enabled while using this trainer, the trainer will not be able to load if you have it enabled. ( This may be true about the FTP plugin as well )

    Q: Do you take requests?
    A: Shoot me a PM and I'll check it out and let you know if I'll work on it eventually.

    1.This does require dashlaunch, and it is utilizing dashlaunch's  loadsysModule function, In the future this may be deprecated as I test  loading directly from the kernel without running as a system process.
    Previously I was getting access denied doing such but there are possible  ways of bypassing this via writing memory around it since the memory on  the 360 is potentially unlocked at this point.
    A NTSC-U copy of Kameo running from a hard drive, and a jtagged 360 console.
    1. Download Kameo_v0.2.rar
    2. Extract it and place the files "TDDev_TrainerLoader.xex", and "Trainer.xex" in the same location as Kameo's Default.xex.
    3. Launch TDDev_TrainerLoader.xex
    4. When In-Game Press and hold START+BACK buttons simultaneously until you see a menu
    5. Once you see this menu just follow on screen instructions and they  should be self explanatory, if not well you just enter the buttons on  the screen as they appear and the codes are listed on the screen as well  each combination of buttons does not need to be held and will do  something different some will display the list of codes, some will  enable or disable codes.
    Only Onehit kills can be disabled after being enabled.
    Once you've enabled a code the same button combination can be used to disable it again.

    Note 2:
    Once you've ran this trainer once it's suggested that you reboot your console before trying to run any other games.

    Note 3:
    All codes must be entered after pressing START+BACK if you don't have that menu up they do not work.

    Big credits to [cOz] for dealing with my annoying ass over IRC, and some help with the devkit stuff as well as borrowed code.
    dWack for random aim discussions while I was getting frustrated with my crap screwing up.
    XorLoser for also putting up with my random instant messaging discussions and giving a few suggestions on things here and there.
    thex2000 for his original XPowerPlay code.
    LoveMHZ for his contributions to the original XeSearch project.
    T3CH - For the inspiration in actually working on this shit more, and  listening to my ranting about random crap related to my code screwing  up.
    Natelx - For being scientifical


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    Re: Kameo +4 Trainer (Inf Health, Inf Runes, Inf Spirit(Stamina), One Hit Kills)

    didnt like this game all too much XD, but anyways great job :)
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    Re: Kameo +4 Trainer (Inf Health, Inf Runes, Inf Spirit(Stamina), One Hit Kills)

    nice work on the trainer DeadlyData
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    Excellent work on this editor deadlydata :)
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    Re: Kameo +4 Trainer (Inf Health, Inf Runes, Inf Spirit(Stamina), One Hit Kills)

    Works great. Thanks

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    Re: Kameo +4 Trainer (Inf Health, Inf Runes, Inf Spirit(Stamina), One Hit Kills)

    Thanks, nice trainer and great game



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