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Dungeon Defenders issue
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    Dungeon Defenders issue

    last night i want to mod some weapons for dungeon defenders on xbox 360 but it kept corrupting i use horizon and hex workshop i do everything correctly when i pen hex workshop and open decompressed file and open new file and copy and paste my weapon stats i open my bookmarks and start modding but as i enter the codes it adds on my bytes and different bytes and code what should do.?

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    Re: Dungeon Defenders issue

    well first...
    you could try using the editor in the modding program section ^_^

    otherwise you could try not to add bytes but just editing the values... that will help too ^_^'''
    don't just copy paste just edit the values by hand and you will be fine if you didn't change anything from the default setting in hex workshop

    and besides... this is the wrong section... [MOVED]
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    Re: Dungeon Defenders issue

    Try following the tutorial I provide .
    Also use Modio instead . (:
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