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Twisted Metal Movie in the Works
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    Twisted Metal Movie in the Works


    Hey, remember that Twisted Metal movie that no one wanted, ever? Well, it’s finally coming out! Sony Pictures just tapped Brian Taylor, the mastermind behind film classics such as Crank and Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, to direct a film based on the Twisted Metal franchise. It’s a good choice from a studio perspective – there’s no one better at making smash and crash movies with little to no substance.


    According to the announcement, the film will center on combatants who use customized vehicles in fights to the death. So the original subject matter appears to have remained intact. Sweet Tooth and Doll Face will appear in the film, and that’s about all the details we have. Based on what we know about the genre, we can assume there will be one hot chick, one tough chick (played by Michelle Rodriguez, who dies), and a winning hero.

    Honestly, how much do we need to know about a Twisted Metal movie? It’s going to be violent, poorly acted, and probably set to Skrillex music. And I’m sort of okay with that. It’s not like the games are some sort of bastion of innovative storytelling.

    Do you think a Twisted Metal movie has any chance of being good? Or is it destined to join Super Mario Bros. and Doom in the Video Game Movie Hall of Shame?
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    Re: Twisted Metal Movie in the Works

    i have my hopes that it will be good but probably wont be lol, nice share Sterling :)
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    Re: Twisted Metal Movie in the Works

    sounds like they tried a fake movie called death race lol hope its good though

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    Re: Twisted Metal Movie in the Works

    Quote Originally Posted by red hulk View Post
    sounds like they tried a fake movie called death race lol hope its good though
    the death race that came out a year or so ago was accually a remake the original was much more grusome and brutal the twisted metal franchise probably came about because of the older movie but im just guessing



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