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[Xbox] Dungeon Defenders Modding Service
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    Gandhi the Merciless

    [Xbox] Dungeon Defenders Modding Service

    As the title suggests I am offering an item modding service for the amazing Xbox Live Arcade game Dungeon Defenders. Unlike other services I am extremely flexible providing both a cheaper service and the choice of customization.

    Package 1: Full set of armor and any weapon. $2.00
    Package 2: Full set of armor, any 2 weapons, and a pet. $3.00
    Package 3: 4 sets of armor, 4 weapons, and 4 pets. $5.00
    Package 4: 4 sets of armor, 10 weapons, and 6 pets. $6.50
    Customizable Package (Mix and Match any assortment of items): Armor Set: $1.50 each, Weapons: $1.00 each, Pets

    Weapon and Pet options
    Weapon Size ( Scales from 1-10, 5 being normal size, 1 being invisible, and 10 being retardedly unusably large)
    Weapon Damage
    Elemental Damage
    Tower and Hero Stats
    Weapon Swing Speed (Monk and Squire only)
    Weapon Range (excluding Squire)
    Projectile Speed (excluding Squire)
    Ranged Damage (excluding Squire)
    Clip Size (Huntress only)
    Projectiles per Second (Huntress only)

    How this works
    You will send me your .dun file (if you don't know how find this PM me) with the list of what you want done and the package. All orders will be completed within 24 hours of payment.

    Paypal is the preferred method however Microsoft points or Amazon gift cards will be accepted on occasion

    Being as that I have no way of proving myself legit, I will being modding the first three people to post free of charge as proof (Package 2)

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    Re: [Xbox] Dungeon Defenders Modding Service

    hello, if no one has used your service yet i would be very interested and will reffer all friends and will be using you again, if you are legit

    many thanks


    ( Gamer Tag ) xW3lSHxASSASS1N

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    Re: [Xbox] Dungeon Defenders Modding Service

    Pfft! I never have nor ever will pay some stranger on the internet to mod a game.Especially a LURKER lol! There are way more people I can get to do it for free or even do it myself.

    A fool and his money are soon parted lol!



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