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Dungeon Defenders: Modification Instructions: SIMPLE?

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    ioo Dungeon Defenders: Modification Instructions: SIMPLE?

    Hello Everyone, This is my first post and I hope it will help clear up some of the confusion about the "corrupt files"!

    Okay, so what I'm going to try to accomplish here is to teach you how to properly move your Dungeon Defenders GameSave
    from your Xbox hard drive to your Flashdrive, then to your computer ( for a little fun editing )! Then back to your Xbox, hopefully
    without any of those pesky "corrupt" files!

    You need a Flashdrive with at least 1Gb free memory for your GameSave and Backup files.
    It also helps if you have already created an "In-Game" Character.
    You will also need to format your FlashDrive for Xbox360 storage. (If you haven't done this then it will show up once you start to transfer your
    files to your FlashDrive.)

    !-Moving your GameSave & Backup files to your FlashDrive-!

    01. Insert your Flash Drive into the USB slot on your Xbox.
    02. Press the center "Xbox" button on your Xbox360 controller.
    03. Scroll right and locate the "Systems Settings" section and press A.
    04. Locate the "Storage" section and press A.
    05. Press A on the "HardDrive" section.
    06. Press A on the "Games & Apps" section.
    07. Locate your "Dungeon Defenders" game and press A.
    08. Highlight the "Dungeon Defenders Save" file ( just read the info on the TV screen ).
    09. Press A.
    0A. Select "Move", Select your FlashDrive storage unit. (Your GameSave is now on your FlashDrive!).
    0B. Highlight the "Dungeon Defenders Backup" file (Again read the text on the screen to figure it out!).
    0C. Press A.
    0D. Select "Move", Select your FlashDrive storage unit. (Your Backup is now on your FlahDrive!).
    0E. Press B until you reach the Xbox Main Menu!

    !-Pull out your FlashDrive and sit down at your computer-!

    Now this next part can get a bit tricky for beginners. I had alot of trouble with this part myself at first.

    You will need to download a few files that contain your modification tools.
    Winrar: This is to unzip your "tools" file. Saving this to your desktop is okay.
    Tools: This contains Horizon(offline version) Hex Workshop, Hexit(hex calculator), your modification bookmark (I use it for faster modding), and some color files that have preset color codes. Save this file to your desktop also.

    Now that you are sitting at your computer, plug your FlashDrive into a port on your PC.

    01. Make a folder in C:\ (That's your LocalDrive. Its located in the StartMenu>Computer>OS(C:)).

    02. Name it "saves" (Without the " " )

    Making your Dungeon Defenders file readable!

    01. Open Horizon. (I use Horizon, Modio works fine but for the purpose of this tutorial use Horizon.)

    02. Horizon will open and you will see this.
    A) Click "FlashDrive". This will expand the folder.
    B) Click "Games". This will expand the folder.
    C) Click "Dungeon Defenders". This will expose "(D)".
    D) RightClick on "Dungeon Defenders-Saved Game".

    Extract the file to C:\saves.

    03. DoubleClick on the "Dungeon Defenders Saved Game". (This will open a smaller/different window.)

    Smaller/Different window that opens.

    04. Click the "Contents" tab.

    05. RightClick the "DunDefHeroes.dun" file.

    Extract the file to C:\saves.

    06. Now Open the Command Prompt. StartMenu>Run> type: cmd ,press enter.

    07. Once the Command Prompt is open type the following
    cd C:\saves (press enter after typing saves)

    dd.exe -d DunDefHeroes.dun decompressed (press enter after typing decompressed)

    Now its time to open Hex Workshop HexEditor (64 bit). This is where you will apply modifications to your weapons!
    01. Open C:\saves\HexWorkshop v6\HWorks32
    02. Now Hex Workshop is open.
    03. Click "File".
    04. Click "Open".
    05. You want to open C:\saves\decompressed (that is the file with all of you character codes that can be edited!)

    These are all of your weapon, player, and inventory items.

    This is a link to some helpful modification tutorials.
    pureIso- Introduction to Hexing, Programming, and Game Modding
    IdelHands88 - Very awesome Modding tutorial!

    Now, hopefully you have modified everything the way you want it and are ready to "Ship" it back to your Xbox HardDrive for fun time!
    So this is what you do.

    01. In Hex Workshop make sure that you save the "decompressed" file to C:\saves\decompressed (It may ask you to overwrite the file.
    You want to)

    02. Go back to your Command Prompt and type the following
    dd.exe -c decompressed DunDefHeroes.dun

    (press enter and allow the computer to crunch all those numbers.)

    03. You should get a message saying.

    04. Now go back to Horizon. You will see the "DunDefHeroes.dun" file.

    05. RightClick the "DunDefHeroes.dun" file and REPLACE it with the "DunDefHeroes.dun.rebuilt" file.

    06. Just above the "DunDefHeroes.dun" file there is a red tab that has " Save, Rehash and Resign" on it. Click it.

    07. Press "OK" and close that little box inside the Horizon program.
    08. Collapse C,B and A.
    09. Close all Modification tools.
    10. Eject Hardware for safe removal.
    11. Pull the FlashDrive out of your computer and go back to your Xbox.

    Now you must "Move" the Dungeon Defenders SaveGame and Backup files back to your Xbox HardDrive.
    01. Plug in the FlashDrive to a USB port on your Xbox.
    02. Go back into the "Storage" section of your XboxMenu.
    03. This time select your FlashDrive storage and move the SaveGame and Backup files to your HardDrive.


    Have Fun and I hope I helped clear up some of the "corrupt file" load confusion.

    Please Give me thanks if I helped you out. For video on what I just covered head to WWW.YouTube.com

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    Noctis Caelum

    Re: Dungeon Defenders: Modification Instructions: SIMPLE?

    damn u must tired.lol..thats alot...but great share....thanks

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    The Immortal God

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    Re: Dungeon Defenders: Modification Instructions: SIMPLE?

    very nice tutorial, nice to see contribution from new members :)
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    Re: Dungeon Defenders: Modification Instructions: SIMPLE?

    Thanks Omni Master & HAVEN'S MONSTER. Its good to get positive feedback on this.
    I hope it helps some of the beginners with their first Mod steps.
    Last edited by Shulz; 02-24-2012 at 07:24 PM.

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    Re: Dungeon Defenders: Modification Instructions: SIMPLE?

    Quote Originally Posted by red hulk View Post
    damn u must tired.lol..thats alot...but great share....thanks

    ha ha yea, it took me 3 hours I think.
    Last edited by Shulz; 02-24-2012 at 07:23 PM.

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    Re: Dungeon Defenders: Modification Instructions: SIMPLE?

    Great tutorial Shulz. It really helped me a lot.


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    Re: Dungeon Defenders: Modification Instructions: SIMPLE?

    When ever i try to put in dd.exe etc. it would say dd is not recognized as a internal or extenal command,operable program,or batch file. what do i do?

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    Re: Dungeon Defenders: Modification Instructions: SIMPLE?

    Did you download the files provided? If so extract them to you C:\saves folder, then try the dd.exe


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