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UFC 3 Max Stats and Creds
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    UFC 3 Max Stats and Creds

    Hello I just want to share this save i found in the community of Xpgamesaves so i take no credit for this save i just want to share it with you guys. I couldn't find the owner so credit to him.So i hope you Enjoy. Also this is my first post so if I need to in prove in something please let me know as Im kind of new.

    As the title says You have MAX Stats and Creds. The only bad thing is that the Fighter is already created for you and its on the middle weight but as you progress you could move up or move down classes. But hey its better than nothing to start you of as this save is after the tutorial. DON''T do training sessions the ones that increase strength and speed stuff like that as they would reset you stats. You could go i camps and learn new moves and level them up. As for online i know you could play online but be CAREFUL as there could be a ban wave in the future like in Fifa 12.

    EDIT 1: You cannot change the Personal Info you could only change the name AS YOUR KNOW AS. If there is no sound in the background do a fight and there problem fix and also you have to wait until your in the UFC so the commentators could talk.

    Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?g299ifgn0pvq5gw

    Steps How to USE:

    1. Download Saves
    2. Change IDS for both and save them to your Memory
    3. In UFC 3 go to career and click continued
    4. Enjoy
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    Can you edit name?

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    Re: UFC 3 Max Stats and Creds

    thanks for the save

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    Re: UFC 3 Max Stats and Creds

    Thanks works

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    Re: UFC 3 Max Stats and Creds

    cheers bud, Works like a charm. +rep

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    Re: UFC 3 Max Stats and Creds

    so this has max credits to unlock all the stats from the first fight? so i can just focus on moves or what?

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    Re: UFC 3 Max Stats and Creds

    Yes. Just Learn and Level up Moves

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    Re: UFC 3 Max Stats and Creds

    why cant i unlock all the training stuff? i have 7900 left and can't buy the footwork? did i do something wrong? i just unlocked all stats and attributes up to the footwork?

    not really a problem 90 is fine.. just i planed on having 100 in the featherehight when i finshed this?

    never mind see this is a 244 stat fighter ? i didnt really want that just like max stats and max attributes lol guess this career will be really easy lol n il jus have to edit to my liking afterwards.


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