Super Tournament

If you think that you have a talent given by God, for owning on Halo: Reach, read on.

On Saturday, the 10th of March, show off your skills versus the best of the best. At 3 o’clock Central time, catch some of the greatest Halo: Reach warriors at their best. This is a Team Slayer game. Sign up in the area below. Sign up in this format…
-Team Name-

Team Captain
Member 1
Member 2
Member 3
Member 4

Please include the name of the team captain as a member. The team name may include no pornographic material, innuendo, cursing, or suggestive material.
Also, read the rules below.


1.)T-bagging. If there face is right there, have at it.
2.)Yoink kills. If they can't kill 'em fast enough, they don't deserve it.

NOT allowed

1.)lag switching. If we find that you have been using a lag switch, and trust me, we will find out. You will immediately be DQ'd and be banned from any further tournaments.
2.)Glitching. I know just about every glitch in the book, don't try me.
3.)Mods. Same as glitching, let me find out.
4.)No rage quitting.

Use common sense, this topic will be changed in the future accordingly. Play well, and do your best.