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[NEW] [HELP] - Where to Start with 360 Mods?
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    [NEW] [HELP] - Where to Start with 360 Mods?

    Like it says, I'm new to this entire scene for the 360, and grateful for a nice place like this. I tried searching the threads for a previous post, but I must have been searching the wrong things. I'm sure there has to be one of these lying around. I apologize if this is a repeated post on the forum and I'm just blind.

    So, where do I start? Basically, I have zero knowledge and looking for a tutorial on methods that can help me mod the 360 or its games.

    -What software do I need?
    -What hardware would I need?
    -How can I tell if I'm capable or not of modding my 360 and/or its games?
    -What are the common terms used in the scene that refer to a type of modification?
    -What's your personal opinion on the best method, and what would you suggest for me?
    -What links can you provide to get me moving in the right direction?

    I've done a lot of previous modding and creation on the PS3 from using a hex editor, to compiling game packages, as well as extracting them, modding tools already created, save game hacks, etc., so I'm not exactly a total retard to the idea of what is essential to get me started. Can I get some help?

    Thank you very much. I appreciate the time taken in simply reading this.

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    Re: [NEW] [HELP] - Where to Start with 360 Mods?

    Look in the Visual basic section has a few goodies and also check youtube or google it........first off download either HxD or Hexworkshop......

    edit: i dont have links for anything but when u do get everything u need i will be glad to walk u through a couple of saves until u get the hang of everything....MSn-red hulk or just pm on here..good luck



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